1. The truth is that the US Congress could stop ALL of this nonsense right in its tracts with a simple stroke of the pen.

    All it needs to do is to simply not provide the funds to operate any of it.

    Under the US Constitution, the founding fathers clearly put the “power of the purse” solely in the hands of Congress. And let’s face it, if they (as a deliberative body) were not horribly complicit in what’s happening in the Executive branch of government, none of it would be happening. Period.

    Unfortunately, all these “classified” and “national security” lies are ALSO good for members of Congress because it provides “pork” for the folks back home.

    Truth in politics has ALWAYS been an oxymoron. But, sadly, truth has now become treason in an ever-growing empire of lies.

  2. At the same time, the Unitary Executive has also admitted to having an assassination list, and to the selective enforcement of laws passed by Congress, two things previously denied.

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