1. “half-truths and misleading comments”? Sounds like he’ll fit right in.

    “If you like your current health care coverage, you can keep it.”

    • It is only worth any Republican running for President if the right sort of Republicans get control of both houses in 2014.
      Paul is young he can wait
      Obama lacks the numbers to fulfil his dream and turn the US into a UKraine.
      While the government is fragmented it doesn’t matter who the President is.
      Mrs Clinton is better than having a Tea Party President who can’t govern.

  2. People will go for the least bad.
    Like in Crimea, Russia is not as bad as basket case Ukraine.
    Shame the peoplle in Crimea don’t have a third choice.
    If I was Obama I would offer America as a third choice.
    What fun.
    Good chance they would vote for USA.
    Wouldn’t that piss off all the local despots.

  3. Rand is a loser, but unlike his father, he’s proven his vote is not based on his convictions and will sway for money and power.

    Every single one of the “front runners” Doug has listed are flawed beyond repair. Republicans have a serious problem. They are elitist corporatists (fascists) and it’s plain for everyone to see. Their only hope is that the other elitist corporatists, the Democrats, have so trashed our economy and failed to reform our banking and globalist policies, that the incumbency is enough of a handicap to allow them victory.

    Which elitist corporatists do you want to shelter you in place and assassinate you? The choice is yours!

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