1. American men were not emasculated by the Great Recession, as this article claims. Nor were men displaced by changes to service-related economies, etc.

    American men were emasculated by their feminist govenments, feminist schools, feminist laws and courts, feminist media, and feminist culture. They were crushed by millions of women who were (and still are) artificially raised above them, as first class citizens in a supposedly “egalitarian” society. They were crushed by the millions of men who enabled those girls and women to supersede other men.

    American men were emasculated and dispossessed by a feminist nation, who spent half-a-century beating down boys and men for their national sin and disgrace of being boys and men. And now your dying “economy” and your dying nation is showing the consequences of its selfish, greedy, malevolent choices.

    The problem is not the influence of abstract factors like manufacturing-sector employment shifts. The problem was, and is, that the United States is a female-serving and female-ruled nation — though that rule is usually accomplished through male figureheads, such as Obama and Biden. Superficial attempts at confronting the mass disenfranchisement of boys and men in America, such as this article, aren’t part of the solution, just more of the problem.

  2. Did you catch that?

    A better policy would separate employment from healthcare by eliminating the mandate and the tax-exempt status of employer healthcare benefits.

    Allison Schrager says employees should be taxed for their employer sponsored healthcare benefits like they are earnings with the ultimate goal being an end to employer provided healthcare.

    Is this really what Americans want?

  3. Now we begin to feel the pain of Corporate Greed ie. sending all those manufacturing jobs to China and Viet Nam.
    To hell with the working class Blue Collar Worker in America…this is the feeling of the GOP and the DEMS…
    in today’s new America it’s everyman /woman for yourself.

    The people continue to send people to Washington who don’t give a damn about them…and the GOP is most

    God save and help America!

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