Phil Robertson: A homophobe, bigot and sexual predator

Sadly, the New Year begins with revelations of even more rantings from the questionable star of a reality TV show who is praised by supporters as a “man of God,” but revealed in life to be a homophobe, bigot and threat to underage women.

A video on YouTube shows Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, in 2009, urging adult men to marry 15 and 16 year old girls who will “pick their ducks” and not their pockets.

Robertson has a history of messing around with underage girls.  At age 20, he was having sex with a 14-year-old girl who got pregnant and was forced to marry her at 16 to avoid going to prison for statutory rape in Louisiana.

Police reports show Robertson, in drunken rages, abused his young wife and children and threw them out of his house before he later claimed to “find God” and repent for his ways.

Yet, in 2009, Robertson appeared before the “Sportsmen’s Ministry” in Georgia and urged adult men to prey on underage girls and marry them because they could be taught to be compliant wives.

in the 2009 video, originally placed on YouTube by Robertson’s company, the patriarch of the family of millionaires from the duck-calling business waves a Bible from his pulpit and appears to use it to justify acts of pedophilia by adult men.

“Phil Robertson,” says Piers Morgan of CNN, “is a victim of his own repulsively racist, homophobic bigotry.”

Among those who defend Robertson is Bristol Palin, daughter of failed Alasksa governor and unsuccessful vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Palin calls criticism of Robertson “hypocritical,” an interesting comment by a woman who got pregnant at 17 and didn’t marry the on-again, off-again boyfriend who fathered the child.

She comes by her hypocrisy genetically.  Sarah Palin, her mother, who preaches moral values but is more liberal when it comes to sexual activity, had a history of one-night stands with basketball players while working as a television sports reporter and had an affair with her husband’s now former business partner.

To paraphrase an old homily, Sarah Palin’s motto should be “do what I say and don’t follow who I screw.”

Those who support Robertson, caught up in a controversy late last year over his use of religion to rationalize homophobic remarks against gays and lesbians as well as claims that African-Americans were “better off” under the days of integration of bigotry, now claim that his comments about marrying young women were “entertaining” and brought laughter from the audience.

In their words, joking about an obsession with underage girls is acceptable since Robertson was also waving a Bible from the podium at the time.

What we see here is a group of Americans so ingrained with hatred towards gays and blacks that they will embrace a questionable star of a “reality” show in an desperate attempt to rationalize their own bigotry and homophobia.

A sad commentary on the state of America as it heads into a new year.


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  1. Jon

    According to the Old Testament, homophobia, pedophilia, and bigotry pretty much exactly describes what God was, did, and advocated, so I think his describing himself as a ‘Man Of God’ is remarkably accurate.

    Waving a Bible just supports this position. Read Leviticus a few times.

    All “Gods” are the same. Yahweh, Allah, Zeus, Odin, Marduk… If you want people who’ll be honestly nice to people who are ‘not of our tribe’, then seek ye those who put little faith in gods and more in our fellow man.


  2. Keith

    Doug wrote: “A sad commentary on the state of America as it heads into a new year.”


    How this poster boy for trailer trash got a national audience is quite beyond me.

  3. Not to mention that the “Impossible to govern without God and the Bible” quote supposedly by George Washington is a fake. A version of it was first inserted in Washington’s mouth by a biographer in the late 1830s, nearly four decades after Washington’s death.

  4. Smack

    Waving a Bible doesnt make him a ‘man of god’ you idiots;
    Phil Roberton either knows nothing about the bible or christianity and he’s hoping none of us do either!

  5. Jon

    Wikipedia, schwickipedia. Allow me to cite from the California State (USA) Penal Code:

    “261.5. (a) Unlawful sexual intercourse is an act of sexual
    intercourse accomplished with a person who is not the spouse of the
    perpetrator, if the person is a minor. For the purposes of this
    section, a “minor” is a person under the age of 18 years and an
    “adult” is a person who is at least 18 years of age.”

    (b) (c) and (d) describe various more specific cases and spell out punishments therefor.

    As always, this is not legal advice, even if I were a lawyer, I’m not YOUR lawyer, laws vary by jurisdiction, and your mileage may vary. But Wikipedia? Ha.


  6. You are correct. People incorrectly use the term “pedophile” when they should use the phrase “statutory rapist”.

    A pedophile doesn’t necessarily act on their attractions or urges, possibly never breaking the law. A statutory rapist is someone who breaks the age of consent laws.

  7. Jon

    Did many things, was many things.

    And the “God” of Islam is *exactly* the same God as that of Judaism and Christianity, they just disagree over prophets. Hmm. Not me that needs to hit the books here, I suspect.


  8. Hey Jon. There’s a difference between statutory rape and pedophilia. I suggest you look it and educate yourself.

    Phil’s a statutory rapist even by 1965 Louisiana law, no signs he’s a pedo.

  9. Jon

    Heh. Point being They are All The Same. Doesn’t matter what names you give them, what attributes are attributed to them, or anything else.

    They Are All Effectively The Same. You can call them different names, you can paint them different colours, but they’re all the same.

    They are all fundamentally the same. A pantheon, a trinity, an idol… They’re all the same. Call them what you will, they’re all the same.


    PS – No, God did not come down as Jesus, or anyone else. No god did, and none ever will. They do not exist. They are fictional constructs, and whatever the name or the shape, they’re all the same. God did not write the Bible, human beings did. God didn’t commit pedophilia, because God doesn’t do anything. People do. J.

  10. Jon

    A clinical definition may be nice to have, a legal definition gets you thrown in jail. Or not. I think I know which one I’ll go with.


  11. Jon, There is no legal definition for pedophilia. GET IT RIGHT.

    The law that gets you thrown in jail is “statutory rape”. You need to educate yourself.

  12. Jon

    also known as ‘acting on pedophilia’. You are correct in that loving children is not a crime. Making love to (fucking) children is.

    And the definition of ‘child’ is, in my mind, roughly equivalent to ‘minor’ as far as the law is concerned.


    PS – There isn’t a Biblical definition either. J.