The Woman in Red

As our front page notes, after you remove the General Election funds, Hillary has $11.7 million left.

With debts of 8.7 million, much of which dates back to Super Tuesday, even Iowa, (pissing off small companies that will dread ever doing business with her again) and a personal loan of $5 million, Hillary is in the red. Deeply in the red.

Barack Obama as $30 million in the bank, and his numbers continue to grow.

In late January, rumors of financial problems abounded, and Hillary managed to spin her flying one plane instead of two (to avoid media glare) as being “with the real people”. She even managed to spin her $5 million loan to herself into a positive. People ignored her spending practices and waste, and her closest supporters saw a need, so they responded. Only after the response did serious questions about her ridiculous spending and her inability to control expenses begin to leak out. Ultimately, her naive, inexpert, and obnoxious top aide, Patti Soliz-Doyle was forced out. But not one other expensive, ineffective, and for the most part extremely annoying, aides was pushed out, not even the heavy of heavies, Mark Penn.

Now, with serious troubles with finance abound. Even worse, the “Fool me once, Fuel my campaign twice” scenario just doesn’t have legs, especially after Richardson’s endorsement of the enemy.

My favorite way of baking potatoes is to slice them open, stick in a couple of whole bay leaves, lightly pepper the inside, wrap it in foil, and forget about the potato on the grill until mass consumption of alcohol has been accomplished. Or until the steaks are done, the salad tossed and eaten, the beans are gone and you remember about the potatoes, now fully, wonderfully aromatic and cooked through and through.

Hillary’s campaign is much more like a potato that was left on hot coals all night, burnt to a crisp on the outside, with perhaps an edible center about the size of a teaspoon.

You can’t even stick a fork in it, unless you want to risk bending it.


  1. Carl Nemo

    Thanks Rob Kezelis for the great baked potato recipe… : )

    I love the essence of bay leaves and it truly sounds delectable while also lending itself well to the “mass consumption of alcohol”; ie., beer in my case, my favorite beverage at a barbecue. Baked potatoes always seem like they take forever to finish properly.

    As far as Hillary is concerned she could shove a copious amount of bay leaves where the sun doesn’t shine and it still wouldn’t improve her public palatability after an overnite charbroiling… :))

    This is not an “endorsement” for cannibalizing tough pols…:))

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. SEAL

    Gee Rob! You forgot the corn-on-the-cob. No bar-be-cue is complete without those. Ya just wrap them tight in aluminum foil (heavy duty) with butter inside and throw them in the coals (or on the grill if using propane) for a few minutes and you have the best c-o-b there is. Just don’t over cook. You want it to still “snap” off the cob and not be mushy.

  3. keith

    Robert, the string of unpaid bills Mrs. Clinton has run up goes back even farther than Super Tuesday.

    As I’ve noted in another post on Capitol Hill Blue, there are still a number of businesses here in New Hampshire that have yet to be paid for goods and services they rendered to Mrs. Clinton before, during and after our early January Primary.

    What’s more, we are STILL waiting for her to release her prior year tax forms, despite repeated promises prior to (and after) Super Tuesday that she would do so.

    This person is running for the Office of President of the United States, a job that requires keeping track of mounds of paperwork and hundreds of billions of your and my tax dollars.

    If she can’t even locate her own personal tax forms or pay her bills, how on Earth can she call herself “experienced” enough to run the country?

  4. Carl Nemo

    Hi Keith and Robert…

    What’s interesting is that recently it was made public that Clinton’s have a net worth of 40 million dollars?! Bill once claimed on a talk show that when they left the Whitehouse they were broke.

    I realize Bill makes a bundle from speaking engagements up to and possibly over $150K per speech. What on earth he has to say that’s worth that much is beyond me. Of course there’s book release revenues for both of them too.

    They also allegedly still owe 3-4 million bucks in unpaid legal fees related to litigation associated with scandals while he was president.

    They had a fund set up so people could donate towards their legal fee costs, but the donors dried up rather quickly after they left the Whitehouse.

    So these two have a track record of not paying their incurred debts over time.

    Assuredly they pay taxes like the rest of us, so I’d still like to know how they amassed $40 million bucks in less than 8 years since they left D.C. She has a fairly good income as a U.S. Senator and he has a presidential pension, but again taxes eat in quickly when you have no dependents other than the two they can claim as a married couple. The standard deduction per person is $3400 x 2 or $6800, plus whatever you can show on Shedule A&B or Schedule D for business related expenses; ie., Capital Gains/Losses. For the average citizen their home mortgage interest represents their largest writeoff. So again, to amass $40 million of net worth is still quite amazing unless some entity is providing hamburger helper; ie., a source of funds to bring up the bottom line. That just might be why Hillary is averse to releasing tax return information to the public.

    I personally think they have a bunch of NWO/AIPAC sponsors who keep their palms greased in the event Hillary hopefully makes it to the Whitehouse. Then the shadowy oligarchs that own and control everything will have their “tag team” in place…no?! : |

    They were selling time in the Lincoln bedroom for campaign bucks, nukes and guidance systems to China for campaign bucks and who knows what else for bucks, euro’s, yuan, rupees, at the taxpayers expense, also to the compromise of this nations strategic nuclear security.

    What amazes me the most is that in just seven plus years most Americans have seemed to have forgotten the endless “dog and pony show” scandals that the Clinton’s dragged this nation through. The Monika/Bill fiasco tied up the processes of our government for at least a year. He already had alot of female related scandals surrounding him during his first term, but evidently the braindead American electorate gave him two terms as they did so with George W. Bush regardless of Bushco’s less than sterling performance during his first term…!?

    Based on America’s track record they’ll probably go hook, line and sinker for “Mad John McPain” as their next president. If he’s elected, people will find out in short order they’ve elevated someone to the presidency that will make Bush/Cheney seem like two “Rebeccas at Sunnybrook farm”.: |

    Reference Chinagate

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. keith

    Carl wrote:

    “Assuredly they pay taxes like the rest of us, so I’d still like to know how they amassed $40 million bucks in less than 8 years since they left D.C.”

    Could it be that how they came to generate that $40 Million is one of the primary reasons Mrs. Clinton is now loathe to release their joint tax forms from previous years?

    What are the Clintons trying to hide?