As our front page notes, after you remove the General Election funds, Hillary has $11.7 million left.

With debts of 8.7 million, much of which dates back to Super Tuesday, even Iowa, (pissing off small companies that will dread ever doing business with her again) and a personal loan of $5 million, Hillary is in the red. Deeply in the red.

Barack Obama as $30 million in the bank, and his numbers continue to grow.

In late January, rumors of financial problems abounded, and Hillary managed to spin her flying one plane instead of two (to avoid media glare) as being “with the real people”. She even managed to spin her $5 million loan to herself into a positive. People ignored her spending practices and waste, and her closest supporters saw a need, so they responded. Only after the response did serious questions about her ridiculous spending and her inability to control expenses begin to leak out. Ultimately, her naive, inexpert, and obnoxious top aide, Patti Soliz-Doyle was forced out. But not one other expensive, ineffective, and for the most part extremely annoying, aides was pushed out, not even the heavy of heavies, Mark Penn.

Now, with serious troubles with finance abound. Even worse, the “Fool me once, Fuel my campaign twice” scenario just doesn’t have legs, especially after Richardson’s endorsement of the enemy.

My favorite way of baking potatoes is to slice them open, stick in a couple of whole bay leaves, lightly pepper the inside, wrap it in foil, and forget about the potato on the grill until mass consumption of alcohol has been accomplished. Or until the steaks are done, the salad tossed and eaten, the beans are gone and you remember about the potatoes, now fully, wonderfully aromatic and cooked through and through.

Hillary’s campaign is much more like a potato that was left on hot coals all night, burnt to a crisp on the outside, with perhaps an edible center about the size of a teaspoon.

You can’t even stick a fork in it, unless you want to risk bending it.

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