That latest commentary hit the nail on the head folks. I’m wondering what Billary plans to do to effectively knock Barack Obama out of the running short of making a blatant attempt on his life or that of somebody close to him. Billary is a sore loser and an even worse winner. I never liked the idea of Billary running for POTUS because it has no principles and people are disposable assets to it IMHO.

I’m sure Barack sits up at night scratching his head, as do many of us, and try to understand why politico’s have to bash their opponents and try to dig up dirt on them just to make themselves look good.

To me, it’s a crystal-clear cut indicator that the basher/mud-slinger is not fit to occupy the office they are contending for.

Dirty Pool and Beyond All Belief. BIG TIME.

We are now seeing the evil inner workings of the 21st Century Political Machine, first-hand.

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