Does tax code send U.S. jobs offshore?

The answer is YES!. Move your small business location to Mexico, Canada or anywhere outside the USA for a year and you don’t pay any taxes even if all your business is done in the good USA.

This is a great article. Should spark some debate.

Nafta isn’t what is sending our jobs outside the USA. Our tax code does that all by itself. And the steal and spend GOP (Genuises of Propaganda) keep blocking all efforts to change this.

In the meantime, the CEO’s at these investment companies like Bear Stearns are being paid mulit-million dollar salaries while the Federal govt bails out their companies to the tune of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS that they deserved to lose due to faulty and often deceptive and predatory lending practices.

Otherwise it would be like blaming a victim for getting car jacked or getting robbed. You could say they should take responsibility for leaving their homes and getting into trouble…at least that’s what the Bushies would say.

It’s class warfare…plain and simple.

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