A State Department official in charge of the department during two of the three breaches into the passport files of Sen. Barack Obama has a direct tie to Bill and Hillary Clinton and department officials are investigating whether she furnished information to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Maura Harty was in charge of the Bureau Of Consular Affairs during the first two breaches of Obama’s passport. Former President Bill Clinton appointed her to an ambassadorship during his Presidency.

Harty retired last month from the State Department. She joined the State Department in 2002 after serving as ambassador to Paraguay for two years of Bill Clinton’s Presidential term. Sources within the State Department told Capitol Hill Blue this morning that revelations of the first two passport breaches surfaced only after Harty left her State Department job.


  1. There are news reports the the CEO of the contractor’s company whose employee committed the breach is a consultant on Obama’s campaign team. Besides why is Obama so upset? What more is Obama trying to hide besides Rezko’s contributions of over $250,000, separtist position, diverting blame, plagarism of speeches and Clinton’s plans, accusing McMain of misstatements when he himself has done so so many times? Obama is good alright. Especially, since he is real good at pointing fingers when he himself is committing the offensive activities he is accusing others of doing.

  2. Being “in charge” of the department when the breaches happened means for certain that she was “involved” in the breach?

    Honestly, Capitol Hill Blue has jumped the shark and is now vying with John Solomon for sensational headlines that don’t match the text of the article.

    I will never visit your website again.

    Carolyn Kay

  3. This whole issue is another ridicules waste of time. Isn’t he required to release these records anyway? If not, shouldn’t he be required to do so? I’m positive the records will be looked at when his security clearance is upgraded.

    I don’t like the idea of government employees browsing anyone’s records for political reasons, but then again, this guy is running for president and his records are going to be scrutinized anyway. Does he have something to hide?

  4. Yawn. I know Obama was hoping to get some milage out of this travesty, but since the other candidates’ passports were reviewed as well tells me its more likely some contractor employees were satisfying their curiosity. Clinton’s records were accessed during a training session.

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