It’s a good thing this exchange between Vice President Cheney and ABC News reporter Martha Raddatz took place in Oman, out of reach of the American public.

Raddatz observed of the 5-year-old Iraq war, “Two-thirds of Americans say it’s not worth fighting, and they’re looking at the value gain versus the cost in American lives, certainly, and Iraqi lives.”

And Cheney’s response: “So?”

That’s it? After the cherry-picked intelligence, the nonexistent WMDs, the nonexistent link between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda, the nonexistent crowds welcoming us as liberators, the nonexistent oil revenues to pay for the war, the nonexistent Mission Accomplished but nearly 4,000 very real American lives and over half a trillion very real U.S. dollars, that’s it? “So?”

Raddatz — one of our new favorite people — pushed on: “So, you don’t care what the American people think?”

No, he did not. We wish he would have told us this five years ago.

Said Cheney, “No, I think you cannot be blown off course by the fluctuations in the public opinion polls. Think what would have happened if Abraham Lincoln had paid attention to polls, if they had had polls during the Civil War.”

First, the public opinion polls haven’t fluctuated in the sense of wild swings up and down. Since 2003, the percentage of Americans who think the Iraq war is not worth fighting has grown steadily, from about 27 percent to 63 percent.

And as for the comparison between George W. Bush and Abraham Lincoln, which not even Bush’s most fevered followers would be likely to make, there’s a significant difference between Lincoln’s war and Bush’s war.

Lincoln won his.


  1. But Judy, every step of the way, Fancy Pants Pelosi and Hairy Reed have caved in on spending bills because they are composed of spineless protoplasam. What makes you think its going to be any different when already Obama and Pillary refuse to make a committment to exiting from Iraq.

    Hairy Reed seeks retro-active immunity for the telecommunications industry spying on us. Fancy Pants Pelosi at first refused to give BushCo the right to persue military action against Iran when the Dems first gained a majority in the house only to buckle into the AIPAC lobby when they booed her for that when she was speaking to them on Capitol Hill.

    The Democrats are just laughable in their mock outrage about the Republicans being the fault for not being able to stop funding for the war when the Dems -simply -could -not -send -a -bill -period, they don’t need a veto proof majority.

    The Democrappers are their own worst enemies and by not stopping funding while shrub was still in office, now the Democrappers have allowed bush to toss the albatross onto the Democrappers necks so Bush can waltz away and no matter what, it will be the Democrappers albatross and they’ll take the blame for the rest of the outcome. All this because they were more concerned about getting their silly keesters back in their plush DC seats instead of taking Bush to task.

    The Democrats have litteraly enabled BushCo.

    I just don’t understand what you see in the Democrats when they continue to plant the seeds of their own destruction.

    I thought it was laughable when Fancy Pants Pelosi went to Tibet for her little Dog & Pony show with the Dhali-Llama to
    cement this false image of a shining liberal standing up for human values. -What a Joke that was.

    The Democrappers spend a lot of money on blaming Nader for their troubles and that is one of the most laughable crutches of the Democrat party ever. So go ahead and vote for the neo-con enabling Democratic party is you so chose.

  2. JudyB’ answer to Klaus Hergeschimmer question:

    I am completely fed-up with the Republican party! I will NOT throw my vote away by voting for a third party and Contrary to most posters here, I find either of the democratic candidates a better choice than McCain. My gut feeling is that Obama will be the nominee and beome out next president…though he was not my first choice. No matter who is elected it is impossible to fix all that has been broken during the 8 yr. Bush/Cheney duo dictatorship.
    The mess that exists in our nation will take the best and most dedicated minds for many years to resolve!

  3. JudyB if you vote for whatever Democrat gets in, your putting in Dick Cheney Light. The Democrats are on board for the Neo-Con vision of America for the NEW -EW -EW (stadium echo) Amer -Uh -Uh Can -An -An Cent -Ent -Ent -Tur -Ur -Ur -E -E. Get Real is all I’m saying, from day one the Dems Got A majority in the House -Ows -Ows (stadium echo) they’ve tucked tail and ran away. Why In Jesus Jackson Would You Vote For The Dem -Em -Em -O -O -Crat -At -Ats!

  4. Dick Cheney is the de-facto leader of the Fourth Reich -er, I mean the United States, and Fancy Pants Pelosi helped the
    Fuhrer -er, I mean Dick Cheney get the enabling act -er I mean the Patriot act passed to protect us from the communists -er I mean, the Kool Aid drinking left wing progressives.

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