Onward Christian Soldiers or Have U Paid Ur President Today?

    Let’s face facts and admit that whichever of the three becomes the President, the war will continue. It is a cash cow for the Chief Executive and the VP, and they will milk it for as much as they can. If you listened closely to the speech on racism that so many readers fawned over, Obama did not say he would end the war. He said that “…we must find a way … to bring the troops home…”

    Obama is a pretty good speaker (that speech seemed much too like a preacher in a Baptist Church to make me feel that Obama will be a man for all the people)and the speech was carefully crafted and the words carefully chosen. He did not promise to end the war. He did not say that. He knows what deny ability is and knows the word obfuscation. He left the door open to keep the war going and made sure he could deny that he ever said anything to the contrary. I don’t trust him.

    Or her. Or the other ‘him.’

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