This is what we are up against!

Military will Rejoice when McCain Loses and Fox News is Marginalized

Now the Bushies are attacking a Veteran’s Organization. You are only OK, no matter what you do, if you agree with the Bushies.

This is an ad by Vet Voice, an organization that calls itself the voice of America’s 21st Century Patriot. It’s a really good ad.

Hey did you guys know that every one here is a liberal? (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)

By the way, I wasn’t aware that we have had millions of troops in Iraq in the last 5 years? One of these female commentators, said she doubted this woman spoke for the millions of vets who were proud of the work they did in Iraq. Just more lies, distortions and propaganda from the GOP — Genuises of propaganda.

You gotta admit, they get that name honestly.

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