Is it just me, or do I hear the sound of air leaking from the Obama blimp? All it takes is a pinprick, you know, and faster than you can say Out Of Context the whole craft will come crashing down like the Hindenburg. Luckily, no one uses hydrogen so we don’t have to be afraid of an explosion.

Well, maybe.

Of course, I’m probably wrong. The words of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor and spiritual guide, have filled the media. Who can accuse NPR of liberal bias when they play his words “…God damn America…” more times than Fox News tells us there are still WMD in Iraq. Granted, when placed in full context those words have a far different meaning, but they are still no less inflammatory, at least to a man’s ears.

The talking heads are telling us about Black Liberation Theology and parsing Obama’s speech over and over. In the short term, maybe knowing what BLT means, and understanding where Obama’s head is at, will help. But I have yet to hear any talking head give the long view. It’s the long view that spells Obama’s demise as a candidate.

Should he win the nomination, we will hear those words “…God damn America…” many times from the GOP. Like the notorious Willy Horton ad that made George I president, or the legendary exploding H-bomb ad that kept Goldwater out of the White House, those words, full of passion, anger, and, hate, will be used to scare white middle America. I can hear my mid-western relatives now, decrying that Man Of The Cloth, and any man who would claim him as his spiritual adviser. For those of old enough to remember the 60s, those words, that tone, conjure up race riots in Watts, Detroit, and Washington, DC.

Obama tried to do a duck and weave, by claiming that the Rev was just his pastor, not his spiritual adviser. For most people I would buy that seperation, but Obama is one who has wrapped himself in his faith. It’s understood that ones faith will inform their beliefs. So (asks my mid-western family), how much of what you believe is informed by your spiritual advisor?

I believe that for Obama it’s not a problem; that he’s smart enough, and mature enough, to draw those lines. But this is about perception, not reality. Distortion, not truth. And I wouldn’t be surprised if those words aren’t the pin that pricks the Obama blimp.

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