The is without a doubt one of the more inflammatory issues presently on the Court’s docket, and within society as we know it today.

Reading several articles on this subject today has brought me out of my quiet period of “lurking”, and once again into expressing an opinion.

While I acknowledge that there are so many more complex and vitally pressing issues out there, I think this one is one that is going to carry an enormous “ripple effect” on all of the others for the rest of this country’s history from this point on.

What this decision will represent is the very nature of existence, a future philosophy, and official the facade of the nation to the world at large from this point forward.

Simply put: Are we a free Republic, or a dictatorship in which the citizenry are viewed as little better than tax paying cattle that will “do as they’re told” because there is no choice, or means, to remove such a government from power.

The present candidates for both of the major parties, are either being deliberately vague on this issue, or are stunningly clear in their wish to deprive the citizens of this country their Constitutionally guaranteed rights. Both extremes cause their own type of concern.

Before commenting folks, I ask that you give the 2nd a real and honest read. Please, try and refrain from the facetious “living, changing document” argument. This IS the supreme definition for the law of the land, and as such can (and has been) changed by act of congress.

Even that procedure is clearly mapped out. So PLEASE let’s keep it sane, polite, and above all real, so as to further intelligent debate. Thanks in advance.

My own thoughts on the matter are as follows:

While part of me looks at the present structure of personalities currently on the bench, and by extension their “version” of what the job of the court is…I find my opinion almost evenly split.

Part of me says that the Bush administration by way of it’s appointees to the bench, will prevail in their view that as citizens we have the right to defend ourselves from harm , which includes the lawful right to have/carry firearms.

However, there is the part of me that does not trust government to ever do what is right, and respect our rights.

Certainly the present administration has proven that point repeatedly.

This distrust is also extended to the U.S. Supreme Court. The arrogance and defiance expressed by the court, and willingness to autocratically legislate from the bench repeatedly, (both historically, and currently)… has me worried.

I for one will be very curious about the outcome of this one. The power to “reposition” this country on either the path of a free republic, or a dictatorship, now lies in the in the hands of a frighteningly small number of people that for all intents and purposes are untouchable no matter what the outcome…an equally scary prospect in my mind.

What say you folks?

M. Terry.
“Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”
~George Washington

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