Struggle for Iraq is the first I-War

“This is the Unlikely Soldier’s blog, where a young infantryman known as The Usual Suspect rants and shares his experiences in what soldiers call The Sandbox.

“One year ago,” when his unit first arrived in Iraq, “we were nervous and excited and apprehensive. Ready to do this. Green as snot. I was all sorts of optimistic, thinking we were going to do great things and kick lots of ass, GI Joe hero type (expletive). That we could be cool with the people, and bring the hammer down on the baddies.”

Then, every soldier’s nightmare: “A low rumble shakes my Stryker (armored vehicle), and two of our guys are killed by an IED while they were dismounted.

“People emerged from their houses and cheered.”

This is the war in 2008 — coming to a computer near you.”


Wars have often been defined by the new technologies that shaped them. The Civil War was the first photographed conflict in U.S. history, news of World War II was delivered by movie news reels, television made Vietnam the living room war and Desert Storm was the first war broadcast live by satellite.

Historians will likely remember Operation Iraqi Freedom as iWar v1.0. The Web has done more than quicken reporting from the battlefield; it has made war interactive.

It is imperative that we keep the truth about Iraq and the Bushie presence in the Middle East at the forefront of the political conversation.

It is no longer enough to just say “support our troops!” Today we must save our troops and save America!

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