One-Upsmanship of Daddy would be complete if Bushie Jr. practiced jumping out of an airplane WITHOUT a parachute.

Now the fool is mimicking John Ashcroft with his singing. The SOP (Son of a President) can’t even do something original. Well, again I suggest that he try that airplane jump without a chute. Hopefully he will continue to have his head far enough up Cheney’s ass so that Deadeye Dick will take the fall with Georgie porgie. Then we can get on with impeaching Nancy P for some of the crimes she must have committed and elect Condi-the-Shoe.

This will solve another issue of whether we should elect a black or a woman. Condi is both unless she is pulling a Mikey Jackson and has become white or really pink while nobody was looking. Watch out if she begins wearing a mask. Good grief, even my Asian Girlfriend was amazed when she saw what Michael Jackson has done to HIS nose. Her classic remark was: “Why he do that to his nose? My nose is terrible like his was, but I know I am very cute.” She is.

But before we nose out the real reason for Mikey having his nose chopped, we should return to the Bush/Cheney presidency. Perhaps speculation is not in order, but since nose news is good news, watching Bush falling out of a plane without a hope of survival might vindicate those many soldiers who went into battle with inadequately armored vehicles, insufficient body armor, poor water, mediocre but very expensive food, and many other missing items which would eventually lead to their deaths.

To the tune of “Blow Gabriel Blow”, let us all sing:

Ju mp Georgie boy, ju mp.
Jump Georgie boy jump!
The chance to beat Dad
Is easily had, If
You’ll only jump, Georgie Boy JUMP!

Hoo Rah!