Politics, Gold and the Economy

    Like many Americans, rising fuel and food prices have been a growing concern. While our fearless leaders and their media minions tell us the economy is just fine, former Fed chairman Greenspan runs around the world telling everyone else to dump the dollar.

    Like many Americans, I have taken that advice to heart. I wish I had done it sooner. I’m no investor or market guru, but I’m not stupid, either. I traded in some paper for hard assets.

    Mind you, I’m just an average joe just getting by, mortgaged to the hilt and just managing to pay all of my bills and still enjoy life a little. They like it that way. But I do get a decent tax return every year, and this year I invested some of it.

    A strong economy cures many ills, yet no Presidential candidate has shown even the slightest grasp of how our economy or monetary system works, much less being able to offer any kind of solution.

    Thirty years of dedicated study and twenty years on both the House Committee for Financial Services and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs has given Congressman Ron Paul an insider’s view of the underbelly of government.

    This posting isn’t about drumming up support for his campaign or an invitaion to partisan bashing, but more of an example of why I support him in the first place. His grasp of monetary and foreign policy is simply unsurpassed by most in Congress, much less by any remaining Presidential candidate.

    In this March 15th article, not only does Dr. Paul explain the folly of our current system, but also how many of the other ills this country faces could be resolved or lessened with sound monetary policy.




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