Almost all of the blog articles we write point out what is wrong with something. Essentially they are complaints. What we need are solutions and that is what I intend my blogs to be. The solution to whatever the problem is.

A few years back I offered the solution to illegal immigration by sending 100 copies of the plan to different legislators on both sides of the political fence. It was met with deafening silence other than the standard form letters I’m sure you all have received, at one time or another. I guess it was too simple and made too much sense to them. But I suspect the real reason they didn’t like it was because it was so cost effective, there wasn’t any way for them to make any money from it.

The only expense would be the establishment of a department to receive and verify reports from employers who would be required to file a list of every employee they had that would include proof of each one’s immigration or citizen status every one, two, or three months depending on the type of business and employees they had. Even the person that only hires a part time maid is an employer and must file the report.

Stiff mandatory penalties would have to be established for violations. Automatic jail time for second offenses.

Other than a few investigators to snoop around to catch violators, that’s the whole plan. Simple, HUH? Very soon after it was implemented you would see whole families moving south across the border to Mexico. If they cannot work and make a living here, they will not stay. And no exceptions are created for families that have one child or other person who is a citizen. Also, if a person is in this country illegally and delivers a baby, that child is not automatically a citizen of the US. They are a citizen of the parents country.
I suggested that, if they felt they needed the Mexican labor force to bring in the lettuce crops, etc. at certain times of the year, they could establish a labor force program with the Mexican government that would assign, transport, and supervise the work crews. The US employer would pay the Mexican Government agents who would, in turn, pay the work crews.
Once this program is established for 6 months, our border patrol could assume that anyone crossing the border illegally must be a drug smuggler or a terrorist. That means a completely different attitude in confronting them. Guns drawn and orders to freeze! Their job would become much less dangerous.

Well, that is my solution to the Illegal immigration problem. No expensive fences required.

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