Has Bush finally gone bonkers?

We’ve seen signs of Bush coming unwrapped in public appearances such as his recent singing at the Gridiron Club. More about his made up lyrics later. According to Maureen Dowd in "more candid off-the-record ones (comments) — he has seemed goofily happy in recent weeks, prickly no more but strangely liberated and ebullient."

Dowd even invokes the name of the father of psychoanalysis, speculating that perhaps he’s on a Freudian trip.

The standard psychiatric jargon closest to the slang term going bonkers is losing touch with reality to the extent that one’s behavior is both inconsistent with the truth and outwardly bizarre.

Dowd’s Freudian explanation is off the mark. She suggests that "now that he’s mucked up the world and the country, he can finally stop rebelling against his dad and relax in the certainty that the Bush name will forever be associated with crash-and-burn presidencies."

This is Dowd with her trademarked snarkiness taking an opportunity to use a few choice phrases about Bush’s failure as a president. That’s why I forgive her for not running the column by one of her shrink friends for a fact check.

If she did I think she would have found their analysis a bit more sobering, even frightening.

Bush isn’t going to give up his deep need to resolve his Oedipus conflict by proving himself to be at least as strong, if not a stronger, man than Daddy Bush. As long as he holds the power of the presidency he is in a position to make a reckless last ditch effort to make his bones having failed again and again to become the manliest man of the family.

This is why his freaky disconnect from reality and lapse into what psychotherapists call inappropriate affect is of concern to me.

If he made up the lyrics he sang at the Gridiron Club, and chose the music ("The Green Grass of Home") himself, this is quite telling from a psychological point of view. Consider:

"Down the lane I look and here comes Scooter, finally free of the

"As I step down from the plane and there to meet
me is my mama and my papa, down the lane I look and here comes Barney,
heart of gold and breath like honey."

"Yes, you’re gonna
miss me, the way you used to quiz me. It’s
good to touch the brown brown grass of home."

Let’s not forget that Bush considers himself to be the decision maker, and that he still has the power to, using Dowd’s word, really, really muck things up.

Quite some time ago I wrote about Bush suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder. In most instances people with this disorder are masters of self-denial. However when hit so hard by the truth of their lies to themselves that they can’t avoid the truth of their self-deception their psychological defenses can fail dramatically.

All we need is for the man with his finger on the nuclear button to have a narcissistic meltdown.


  1. Sandra Price

    I belong to this group Kent and keep an eye on Ernie Hancock who will be running for the head of the National LP group.

  2. ekaton


    To the tune of “Blow Gabriel Blow”, let us all sing:

    Ju mp Georgie boy, ju mp.
    Jump Georgie boy jump!
    The chance to beat Dad
    Is easily had, If
    You’ll only jump, Georgie Boy JUMP!

    Hoo Rah!

    … and suddenly, they began to appear everywhere … everything from multicolor to simple black and white posters and bumperstickers, graffitti, t-shirts … it was everywhere … there were even neon signs … “JGBJ” … everywhere … “JGBJ” … no one knew when or where or how it all started, although many knew what it meant, and many claimed not to …

    “JGBJ” logo, used in above context and in/on any media and format, copyright 2008 barack/ekaton, all rights reserved

    And obviously I have way too much time on MY sick hands.

    — Kent Shaw

    Call the white coats. Kent’s gone off the farm.

  3. Hal Brown

    Kent and all who have been enjoying barak’s fantasy, while I at first resisted adding to this what with me being such a serious guy, I finally am succumbing to my worser nature and offering this —

    Considering the incredible LUCK GWB has enjoyed which, with a lot of help from friends in high places and dirty tricks from friends in low places, enabled him to him win two presidential elections, this is what would happen to him: click here.

  4. pollchecker

    Kent — although, I wish he would, he wont because he is afraid a stray missle might target in on all the hot air that comes out his ass. (haha)

  5. ekaton

    Had to laugh out loud.
    No doubt he’d land in the world’s largest pile of horse manure.

    — JGBJ (aka Kent Shaw)

  6. 33rdSt

    Well, I suppose that scenario is a bit scary, but now link it to the next degree of separation/consolidation. McCain has a sense of entitlement almost as strong as H. Clinton’s. Hers stems from her time held prisoner to Travelgate, Whitewater, Lewinsky, etc.; his from those awful years in Hanoi.

    As the general election goes south for him, we should fully expect a Reaganesque Iranian hostages moment in which he convinces an only-too-happy-to-oblige lame duck president to actually push the button to put the nation at war in some other place to highlight McCain’s military experience and proven track record under stress. (hey, if nobody would pay attention to Bush’s National Guard record, why would they care how many planes the Admiral’s son crashed?)

    Two Freudian complexes are better than one when Roe v. Wade is at stake!

  7. Jenifer D.

    Replace the “M” in ‘muck’

    WITH A BIG FAT “F”! That’s what GWB really did to this country. Nice legacy to leave for the grandkids, eh?

  8. Sandra Price

    Jenifer, Bush is exactly what the Republicans voted for. The great white evangelical movement paid big bucks to put Bush 43 in office. He ran on the prohibitions of banning abortions, gay marriages and death with dignity.

    Many of us realized this prior to 2000 but America was so inspired to destroy President Clinton that they piled into the churches to learn how to put the idiot Bush 43 into office. I raised hell about this (as you know I can) and was thrown off 7 political discussion forums, including this one. The movement at the time was to have a “Sin Amendment” banning the above including making adultery a mortal sin. It knocked me out of the Republican Party because they did know right from wrong and demanded the government give them their lists of what not to do. I took a year or two off to do some serious research and attended many Parent Teachers groups and Teachers organizations and it was very apparent that neither the parents nor the students knew right from wrong.

    Too many wars, too much television and apathetic parents destroyed American values and the White Evangelicals (like Bush) were only too eager to fill in with federal control and federal laws.

    Back in 1963 when I joined up with the Goldwater groups, many of us thought about tapping into the churches for support. We were told “NO!” as these people were not interested in politics and showed little interest in right versus wrong. It was all about grabbing people into the flock which was very white and very racist, not to mention homophobic.

    Bush brought in the very worst of the religious right and it will be 20 years before we ever get a balance back. He has overlooked our freedoms and our capitalism and simply grabbed what he could get…..what is awful is that he did this in the name of Jesus Christ.

    He opened up the final race card and backed it with rumors that Obama was a Muslim. I think we now know that this was a Rove trick to defeat Obama and go after Hillary in November.

  9. pondering_it_all

    I think a more likely explanation is that Bush has been telling his therapist about his “Sampson-in-the-Temple” fantasies. What we are seeing is a side effect of an adjustment to his meds.

    Unfortunately, some modern anti-depressants are effective at freeing patients from crippling depression but NOT removing the underlying drives. This sometimes “liberates” those patients to act on their fantasies by commiting suicide, murder, mayhem, etc.

    Hopefully his medical team can get his supportive therapy tuned in a bit better!

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Bush doing something catastropic in his final months. I would bet dollars to doughnuts that everyone in his various chains-of-command knows they have to check with Cheney before they carry out an unusual order. Of course, after the General Election Cheney might decide to bring down the temple himself instead of turning over all branches of the government to the Democrats.

  10. Jim C

    You want scary , you want to know who really needs analysis , the american public , that’s who . The very idea that a republican , any republican , but especially one who supports most of bush’s policies has any , any chance of being elected president in 08 is indeed frightening . It shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that a large percentage of our brethren have no critical thinking ability and the intellectual capacity of a goldfish . Thats scary . Don’t be surprised if in Jan 09 we aren’t watching the swearing in of another last in his class mediocre fighter pilot whose claim to fame is that he was too stuborn to avoid an obsolete surface to air missile even though his warning alarm was going off . It isn’t hard to see that neither of these guys or their selfish ” serve the rich and screw the public ” party shouldn’t be elected to or put in charge of anything . So who really is to blame , these mentally disturbed sociopaths , or the public that puts them in office ?

  11. pollchecker

    Ever considered he might be drinking so much these days he no longer can hide it or cover it up?

  12. barak

    A RN I know told me over a year ago that Bush was showing all the signs of an alcoholic who fell off the wagon. His recent behavior confirms it to this ‘lay’ person.

    So now we have a drunk for a President and a homicidal maniac for a VP, with a professional thief (aka Politician) next in line for succession. No wonder my dollar is shrinking faster than my wool socks in a Chinese laundry.

    It is time for impeachment. Both the President and Vice President must go. Write your congressman. Do it now. Its either that or take to the barricades.

    McCain made the statement that we will need to be in Iraq a long time. It appears he is setting up his new life pension even before he is elected. Good grief, Obama and Hillary are beginning to almost look good.

    Almost, especially considering the choices.

  13. Hal Brown

    Being under the influence of alcohol at the Gridiron Club would explain his behavior. Impaired judgment and lessening of inhibitions could be caused by only a few drinks.

    If he is on antidepressants it could be another explanation for his fiddling while Rome burns.

    Combine the two and the level of doo-doo we are in would be even deeper.


  14. barak

    One-Upsmanship of Daddy would be complete if Bushie Jr. practiced jumping out of an airplane WITHOUT a parachute.

    Now the fool is mimicking John Ashcroft with his singing. The SOP (Son of a President) can’t even do something original. Well, again I suggest that he try that airplane jump without a chute. Hopefully he will continue to have his head far enough up Cheney’s ass so that Deadeye Dick will take the fall with Georgie porgie. Then we can get on with impeaching Nancy P for some of the crimes she must have committed and elect Condi-the-Shoe.

    This will solve another issue of whether we should elect a black or a woman. Condi is both unless she is pulling a Mikey Jackson and has become white or really pink while nobody was looking. Watch out if she begins wearing a mask. Good grief, even my Asian Girlfriend was amazed when she saw what Michael Jackson has done to HIS nose. Her classic remark was: “Why he do that to his nose? My nose is terrible like his was, but I know I am very cute.” She is.

    But before we nose out the real reason for Mikey having his nose chopped, we should return to the Bush/Cheney presidency. Perhaps speculation is not in order, but since nose news is good news, watching Bush falling out of a plane without a hope of survival might vindicate those many soldiers who went into battle with inadequately armored vehicles, insufficient body armor, poor water, mediocre but very expensive food, and many other missing items which would eventually lead to their deaths.

    To the tune of “Blow Gabriel Blow”, let us all sing:

    Ju mp Georgie boy, ju mp.
    Jump Georgie boy jump!
    The chance to beat Dad
    Is easily had, If
    You’ll only jump, Georgie Boy JUMP!

    Hoo Rah!

  15. pollchecker

    yeah and boy George has lived in a cocoon of money all his life. Doesn’t have a clue really. He literally paid people to do his homework.

    When reality got too nasty he just altered it with booze and cocaine until he found religion. Then he got really crazy. (ggg).

  16. tiovince

    I have written my Congressman and my Senator. My Republican Congressman said that he would not support impeachment because it was politically motivated. My Democratic Senator said that Bush would be out of office soon enough and that they were working on “more important” issues like health care…what a crock of shit. I watched a repeat of a speech by Marjorie Cohn, author of “Cowboy Republic” last night. She outlined 6 crimes that the Bush Administration has committed while in office, yet the Congress remains a spineless bunch of losers. It’s very frustrating to present these guys with FACTS and to be told that impeachment is not warranted.
    Having said all that, I continue to write to them. We need to hold these criminals accountable and this is our only avenue to express our voices to those who can actually take some kind of action. Pelosi should be impeached. The whole Congress should be impeached for allowing this to continue.

  17. ekaton

    “McCain made the statement that we will need to be in Iraq a long time.”

    Only until all the oil has been extracted. Probably more than 20 years, less than 100.

    — Kent Shaw

  18. acf

    We had better hope that there is no McCain presidency because if he wins, you can be certain that when he names his first replacement to the Supreme Court, he will set in stone the conservative wing of that body for well beyond the next generation. We cannot allow that to happen.