A Very Important Point about Al Qaida in Iraq

    Iraq’s Insurgency Is Running on Stolen Oil Profits

    The above link is a very interesting article about what’s REALLY GOING ON in Iraq. I believe it is important to keep the truth about Iraq in front of people. We certainly not believe ANYTHING that comes from ANY PART of the Bush/McCain propaganda machine.

    Bured in this article, there was a very, VERY intersting tidbit.

    Although many American military officials and politicians — and even the Iraqi public — use the term Al Qaeda as a synonym for the insurgency,…


    When you say Al Qaida to the American public, they think of Osama Bin Laden’s organization that is attributed to attacking the World Trade Center on 911.

    The American public does not consider sectarian violence…which is the clash between the Shiites and Sunnis….as Al Qaida. But the Bushies DO!

    To speak plainly, this means that whenever Bush/McCain or the rest the Bushie Administration refer to Al Qaida in Iraq, they are talking about sectarian violence and NOT ABOUT Osama Bin Laden’s Organization.”

    We have won the victory in Iraq and it is time to say so and bring our troops home.

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