HBO’s John Adams, a 7 part Epic Event

This show looks excellent. It stars Oscar winner Paul Giamatti as John Adams. Parts 1 & 2 premiere Sunday, March 16 at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central. Check your local listings.

I think it is appropriate that we encourage as many people as possible of all different persuasions to watch this show Sunday night.

We could all stand to be reminded the price our forefathers paid for Liberty in this country…..some more than others.

So have a party and invite your friends who don’t have HBO over to watch. Or sit down and watch it with your family….after all there aren’t many opportunities for such quality family television.

I personally can’t wait to watch it. This is a very timely series for an election year and certainly pertinent to the debates that we have had and will be having.

A lot of people are not familar with John Adams. I recently read a biography of Washington, Franklin and Adams. It reviewed their youth and what led up to their participation in the emancipation of our country from the heavy hand of King George’s rule.

Sound familar?

Our country is at a crucial turning point. If we can’t engage the sheep with logic, perhaps persuasion via the boob tube will enlighten some’s thinking about what is really important in this country for the future: the preservation of Liberty and our inalienable rights or the impossible task of keeping everyone “safe” and bankrupting us militarily, economically and worse morally.

I heard on the news the other day that due to the evaluation of the dollar, the US is no longer the #1 Economic power in the world.

It is sad what 8 years under a hypocrite like King George, oops, I meant, George W. we have sunk so low. But perhaps this show will be a wake up call to everyone.

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