Honestly, I really don’t think American voters have the elected’s complete, and undivided, attention during these perilous times. I say this because the U.S.A. is still shoulder-deep in an illegal, and expen$ive, war. Twenty years of my life were spent defending the U.S. and during those years I learned alot about honesty, loyalty, and having the courage of your convictions.

The one big question U.S. voters need, no have, to ask is this:

“Why are we trying to bring democracy to a culture that oppresses women and hates the U.S.?”

The first response I imagine would be “Uh, Ummm, well….I’ll get back to you on that”

Really? Then why did you run for public office only to be a push-over for the POTUS when you’re supposed to be obeying the will of the voters that put you in office in the first place?

To all the electeds in office:

Hang your heads in shame, you’ve all failed in your jobs. Resign today and the U.S. voters might forgive you all for being such cowards with so much to hide that you rolled over and allowed over 4,000 of my Bothers and Sisters in Arms to die for a pack of bald-faced lies while you go home to a warm, safe bed at night.

Everytime I hear or read about more service members dying over in Iraq and Afghanistan, my eyes well up and I wonder how all of you can sleep at night knowing that the loyalty of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines has been betrayed by the electeds in this country.

It’s time for the U.S. voter to lower the boom on the electeds in office and make them do their job, or make them resign; it’s easier than it sounds.