For months, during the most important and competetive phase of the Republican Primary, the one candidate with the knowledge and experience to lead us away from depression was cast aside and literally blacklisted. Now, with the economy on the verge of collapse and the nomination handed to Senator McCain by default, everyone suddenly wants to hear what Ron Paul has to say.

I submit to you seven videos. The first five are from 1988 when Dr. Paul left the Republican Party temporarily to run on the Libertarian ticket. Back then, the good doctor attempted to inform the populace what was in store for our economy should we continue down this path. A lengthy five part interview, but worth watching.

The next video is a Fox News interview taped today.

And finally, a little not-so-comical relief from George Carlin (Warning: contains foul language).

Actually, here’s one more video posted purely for inspiration. Please remember those that came before us; those that fought and died and spilled their guts so that future generations can squander the very freedoms they delivered.

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