Lately, I’ve been seeing articles referencing “the media’s failure in the run-up to the Iraq war” and it’s seriously chapping what little posterior region I have left after seven-plus years of bu$h-O-Murka. Here’s what’s tapdancing on my last nerve about “media failure:”

Does not the very word failure suggest that some effort to the contrary was made beforehand? When I rewind my cranial tapes to early 2003 and watch ABCCBSCNNNBCFoxNoise’s coverage of The March To War, I don’t see any effort at all to present the truth about the situation–that the intelligence findings had been cherry-picked to dovetail with bu$h/cheney’s conclusions that Saddam Hussein had (the horror! the horror!) Weapons Of Mass Destruction ready to launch against us.

I don’t see any archival footage of even one analyst saying “Hey, wait a minute. How is a country that’s been under brutal economic sanctions for a dozen years–with two-thirds of its airspace under foreign control–supposed to get enough money and privacy to develop a weapons program?”

I don’t recall any airtime being given to weapons inspectors to report that they had found nothing but sand in Iraq.

Nope. All I can dredge up is images of lapel-flag-wearing airheads jumping up and down on the anchor desk yelling “Kill, kill, kill!” The Alleged News Media wanted this war as badly as bu$hco did–for the same reason: it was gonna be REAL good for business. And now I’m sposed to believe it was some kind of FAILURE?!?!?

I don’t think so, Tim. I believe the Media Borg accomplished exactly what it set out to do. I think the Rumsfeldian term for it is Catastrophic Success.

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