I am a troubleshooter by trade. One cannot diagnosis problems without first knowing how something works under normal conditions, or how it is designed to work.

A basic tenet of troubleshooting is to make a change and consider the outcome. If that change doesn’t resolve the issue, or makes it worse, undo that change and try something else.

Occasionally someone else has attempted to resolve the problem by making ill-advised or desperate changes in an attempt to resolve said issue. Many times the only real solution is to reset and start from square one.

When I look at the history of this country, and particularly the premises on which it was founded, I can’t help but think that we need to reset. Back to square one.

We need to undo the changes that the ill-advised and desperate have wrought. We have made so many changes that we have no idea anymore as to how this was supposed to work.

I have read, on these pages and others, that we need some kind of movement to set things right. The problem is, there are too many movements and too many ideas. Many movements are geared toward making a single change on a single issue, when the reality is such that we need to undo them all.

There is but one movement that I subscribe to. A movement that began with a Presidential campaign and has grown into a Revolution. All that’s required is a passion for learning and a healthy disdain for the Establishment.

Oh, and check your partisanship at the door. Although it is a Republican at the heart of it, this movement attracts men and women of all stripes and all walks of life.

We have made much progress. We are now firmly emplaced in nearly 20,000 precincts across the country and still growing. We have won precinct chairs and national delegates across this land. We will be at the RNC and we will be heard.

For all of those people that still believe in the Constitution and the Republican ideals on which this nation was founded, here is an opportunity to join hundreds of thousands of people working toward that end.

For instance, thousands of people have cancelled their cable and satellite in protest of the media. Imagine a million people calling their providers and telling them where to stick their propaganda.

It’s all about being organized. It’s about pushing back in meaningful and effective ways. It’s about being unafraid to stand alone among the ill-informed and showing them that there is another way.

It’s about not accepting the kind of change they think we need, but about demanding the kind of change that is required. It’s about holding those in power to account for themselves, and demanding the media report real news, not just fluff and scandal.

It’s time to stop asking. It’s time to start demanding. It’s time to push back.