Tainted drinking water kept under wraps

When water providers find pharmaceuticals in drinking water, they rarely tell the public. When researchers make the same discoveries, they usually don’t identify the cities involved.

I don’t see how ANYONE could say that our gov’t has the ability to keep anyone safe! It’s simply not true!

And here is another related story:

Mutated fish swimming in tainted water

A five-month Associated Press investigation has determined that trace amounts of many of the pharmaceuticals we take to stay healthy are seeping into drinking water supplies, and a growing body of research indicates that this could harm humans.

But people aren’t the only ones who consume that water. There is more and more evidence that some animals that live in or drink from streams and lakes are seriously affected.

It’s a matter of priorities. John McCain and the GOP has made it perfectly clear their priority is to continue shipping our tax dollars into Iraq and the military industrial complex.

Personally, I think clean drinking water is a more important priority especially if it contributing to the high cost of health care by causing cancers.

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