Although MSM forgot to mention these facts, the State of New York is still counting and recounting ballots. Every review or recount results in Hillary losing votes and Barack gaining them. California just added two more delegates to Barack’s column because of “errors” in the initial counting. Texas caucus and primary reviews find pro-Hillary errors, and possible fraud by Hillary staffers in some caucus voting. Ohio results are being reviewed and Barack stands to win more votes in that state as well.

In fact, given that the vast majority of primary & caucus result “errors” have been overwhelmingly in favor of Hillary, the obvious question is – why?

It may just be a coincidence, and heavens knows, I love a good coincidence as much as anyone. But a week ago, Hillary told America that she was pulling out all stops and just getting warmed up. Since then, NAFTA came out as an anti-Barack story (in perfect time for Ohio) when the truth shows that it was planted by Hillary’s team. By Hillary’s standards of ethics (?) it seems fair to compare Barack with Ken Starr, yet calling her a monster results calls for the firing of a Barack staffer.

The list of her mis-truths, deceit, dirty tricks, below the belt spin, and insulting attacks is growing ever longer, while at the same time, she succeeds only in pissing off supporters and independents who were once willing to consider her. But no longer. The MSM hasn’t figured it out yet, the but the word on the street is Hillary is cutting her own political throat.

Given her and her campaign’s unforgivable behavior, and adding the amazing coincidence of so many primary “errors” always favoring Hillary, can you imagine the fun that her campaign would have playing with postage?

We cannot trust Hillary with a normal primary. We cannot trust Hillary with keeping her promises on Michigan or Florida. We cannot trust Hillary with a mail-in primary for Florida.

When all is said and done, WE CANNOT TRUST HILLARY. PERIOD.


  1. Since when was it OK to change rules in the middle of a game? Fla and Mich. BOTH knew the end result if they had early primaries and went ahead and did it anyway. SO LET THEM PAY THE PRICE… get mad at the governors of the state,, the DNC that runs the voting, but doing things over to satisfy ONE person is very ,very wrong. The voters should have known they were breaking the rules. and since when do we reward rule breakers because one of the parties whines,,, which this woman does regularly and repeatedly. And she IS a monster and thinks her camp can say anything it wants to ,but heaven forbid anyone else does the same in return. My Lord, have we not all HAD ENOUGH OF THAT CLINTON CRAP????

  2. No, you don’t screw the voters in MI & FL. It’s their right as citizens and registered voters to participate in primary elections, and millions of voters in MI & FL did. This is to choose who will be their party’s nominee for president, and they have the right to participate, not just accept what the rest of the country and party pros have chosen. The state and party leaders have to get together and resolve this.

  3. This is a country, not a club. Michigan and Florida voters have the right to have the delegates they voted for seated at the convention this summer. It’s up to the party to get it done. Both candidates had an equal right to be on the ballot. Both candidates refrained from actively campaigning in the two states. Obama erred by staying off the MI ballot, if for no other reason than to demonstrate his ability to perform against Clinton in a state with a lot of delegates. I’m no fan of the mail in scheme because there are too many opportunities for ballots to get lost on the way to voters, for ballots to be returned and voters dumped from the rolls as a result causing greater problems in November, and there are too many possibilities for completed ballots to be ‘incorrectly filled out’ and not counted, lost on return, returned too late, just not counted, lost on the loading dock, etc, etc. Does no one remember the absentee ballot fiascoes with the military votes these past 2 presidential cycles?

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