This is something I need to get out I have been sitting on it for weeks and now I need others to realize what kind of media attention we have. Yesterday I watched for hours and hours about the two college students who were killed. I am saddened for those families and respect their loss. My issue comes in with the news coverage or “lack thereof” covering the 15yr old little boy in Oxnard, CA who was shot because he was gay. In America, “land of the free”, we have a huge problem. Parents are raising their kids to think it is ok to beat up or kill someone because of who they are. The only way we can change this is by replacing the negative connotations on homosexuals to a more equal but different look on the matter. The reason this must happen is because I am a tax-paying, law abiding American who happens to be gay. I am not a second class citizen. If our media would displayed this act of hate (not a hate crime b/c that would ruin America’s value system?) maybe parents would see what the negative connotations they give their children does to the world. It only expands until it combusts like this did in California. It breaks my heart that this little kid is now dead because of his sexuality and it is a wake-up call to me that this is the world I live in. Maybe if we all challenged our media to display these kinds of hate and violence America may realize that calling someone Queer, Fag etc etc. Can lead to horrible consequences.

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