There’s another wrinkle in the Florida and Michigan primary circus that has not (yet) been widely reported.

The Democrats in Michigan control both houses of their legislature as well as their Governorship. These politicians knew full well that passing a law to jump their primary ahead of others would result in the consequences they and their consituency in Michigan have now reaped from the Democratic National Committee.

In that case, the people of Michigan ought to be bringing impeachment charges against their own Democratic-controlled legislature and Governor for their “disenfranchisement”, NOT anyone at the national level. The voters of Michigan (or more correctly, the legislature and Governor they elected) clearly did this to themselves.

However, in Florida, BOTH the legislature AND the Governorship (Mr. Bush’s brother, Jeb Bush) were in REPUBLICAN hands. And the law they passed (and that Mr. Bush signed) to move their primary forward was passed by a REPUBLICAN controlled legislature there. In essence, the Democrats in Florida were simply outmaneuvered and outvoted on the issue.

Such political chicanery amounts to little more than “dirty tricks” and if anyone should be paying for a “do over” primary in Florida, it should be the REPUBLICAN National Committee, NOT the Democrats.

The bottom line here is that these two issues should NOT be lumped together and thought of as one. That’s because they’ve been created by two sets of totally different circumstances by two legislative bodies controlled by two completely different political parties.

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