Has anyone ever noticed that when people talk about Senator Clinton, they usually refer to her by her first name, Hillary? When people refer to Senator Obama, the say Obama?

This sounds like propaganda to me and shows just how much words matter.

If we called Hillary by her last name CLINTON, it would be a constant reminder of just who she is married to. So by always referring to her as Hillary, softens the impact of the CLINTON name.

However, Obama sounds Muslim. In fact it sounds a lot like Osama as in Osama Bin Laden. I am sure there are some stupid sheep out there that will confuse the two names.

So if you want a positive reaction, you use Hillary instead of Clinton and if you want a negative reaction you use the name Obama instead of Barak or Senator Obama.

Play on words, it is. Intentional? Probably. I’m just curious who started it. Clinton’s campaign or Karl Rove’s campaign?

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