I stayed up until 1am on the Texas and Ohio primary just to see if we were going to find a clear front runner for the democratic nomination. Of course… NO.
This is where I stand on this matter. John McCain is going to be a powerful force sweeping up Republican and Independent votes, and now he has more time to do so. We need Hillary and Barack to sit down negotiate who is the best option for president and get a joint ticket in the works. Speaking of real change I can only imagine that if we had Clinton’s knowledge of Washington and Obama’s motivating words we could change this world. I am hard pressed to figure who to vote for in the primary because I want them both. This year they are saying that my state’s primary (N.C) will actually mean something in who is the nominee. Well as much as I want my primary vote to count. I would rather not have a say so and enjoy the benefits of a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket.
I really hope that we can pull something together here for the USA. We don’t need John McCain right now he is George W Bush JR. and if the democratic party can’t pull a good ticket and allow enough time to campaign that ticket I don’t see them winning even though it should be like taking cake from a baby.


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