The fat lady that Barack Obama had waiting in the wings Tuesday night didn’t even get the chance to clear her throat before Hillary Clinton sent her packing with a plane ticket home and a hotel reservation in Denver for August.

Obama didn’t seal the deal and drive Clinton from the Democratic Presidential race. Instead, she won three out of four primary races and staged yet another improbable comeback.

Before the polls closed, pundits wondered when Democratic leaders would descend on the Senator from New York and convince her to withdraw “for the good of the party.”

Now they know what many political pros knew all along — never sell the Clintons short and never count anyone out before the final votes are counted.

Many of those same pundits wrote off the struggling candidacy of John McCain last fall when the Arizona Senator seemed to run out of steam and campaign cash. On the same night Clinton staged her comeback, McCain clinched the GOP nomination.

So much for conventional political wisdom.

When the shouting dies down, Clinton’s victory may seem more cosmetic. She didn’t gain much ground on Obama’s lead in the delegate count and she still trails the Illinois Senator in states won and overall popular vote.

But her wins in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island gives her renewed street cred, energizes a campaign beset with morale and cash-flow problems and opens the door for at least seven more weeks of the kind of attack-dog campaign tactics that some say turned around her campaign in recent days.

Obama-mania may be declining as he struggles with three losses after a string of 12 straight primary wins. Questions about his relationship with a corrupt Chicago real estate developer and shady political power broker still linger and he needs to add substance to his rhetoric if he wants to regain lost momentum.

Still, Obama has the numbers on his side and Clinton will need more than a one-night stand to overtake his lead. She can overtake Obama if super delegates vote her way and if she finds a way to count delegates from wins in Michigan and Florida. But winning in such a way could leave Democrats split and wounded for a tough fight with McCain in the fall.

Yogi Berra said “it ain’t over ’till its over” and this sucker is a long way from over.


  1. Thanks Sandra,Too bad that the “average Joe and Jane citizen”are for the most part ignorant of these facts,and seem to be content with their lot in life.
    Washington,Jefferson and Franklin must be turning over in their graves.

  2. Dr. I am familiar with the Council on Foreign Relations and most of the GOP Congress show memberships. It is supposed to be nonpartisan but is working for the one world order. We cannot get away from this. I have written in P.J. O’Roark’s name in the last 3 elections. Your opinion is a valid one.

  3. Sorry Sandra,All three are CFR vetted puppets,I’d sooner write in Bugs Bunny than vote for ANY of these so called candidates that they have chosen for us.Just my honest opinion.

  4. That’s a very good point, Sandy, and one that should be spread around the net. I have known all along that the Clintons were planning a vendetta if they got back in there. They would do it quietly but ever once in a while you would see some repugnant being busted for some crime or exposed for some sex oriented thing even if they had to set them up.

  5. I am very aware of all the actions of the Clintons and it should have been used as part of the Impeachment and it was not. The GOP was on the wrong track then as they are now. We all understood that the Clintons ran their lives outside the laws of the land and decency but the RNC simply ignored much of what you believe to be true.

    I showed many of us us policos that there is no balance of power in D.C. There was no dealing with the RNC as they had this vision of a Christian one world order. Now this great vision is reality starting in 2000. I tend to believe Senator Clinton wants her revenge and has worked for the last years working on it.

    She knows how to deal with the CIA and FBI and she will use them all. She has been shown that the U.S. Constitution is just a G.D. piece of paper. I feel that along with Senator McCain, we have seen the two most dangerous people in America.

    How Senator Obama fits into this picture is a mystery. He is the unknown and at this time, that makes him more acceptable.

  6. Stratocaster. I was a contributing writer for Etherzone at the time this list came out. It was full of misinformation and I left the site. There are many problems with the Clinton years but that list is way out of line. I’m quite certain Bob also has a list of crimes on Bush but they will never be listed. I am no fan of either Clinton or Bush and I cannot believe there is not someone more reliable to lead America. Apparently we don’t breed leaders with integrity any more.

    Type in my Name for my list of commentaries. Start at No. 8.

  7. Sandra,
    FL was not so much a goof in 2000 and 2004, as it was a promise to Jeb’s brother. Now I may be guilty of paranoia. 🙂
    The confusion created a method for the madness.
    It’s a shame that state is so darned important. What a mess. They can’t even get a primary right.

  8. Sandra,
    Obama removed his name from Michigan, not Florida. Florida had all the candidates names and none campaigned there.
    Obama’s strength is his ground crew. He didn’t have that advantage in FL.
    As for Michigan, that was a tough one for Hillary since I believe hers was the only name on the ballot.

  9. Sandra,Don’t you think Jeb and the supreme court had maybe a little something to do with what happened down there ?

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  11. Deja Vu. The Florida legislature requested an early primary and the DNC refused to agree and pulled their support for the early voting. The Democrats went ahead and backed the DNC by not campaigning in Florida. Hillary did and her name got on the ballot alone. Obama did not campaign and stayed out. The voters in Florida paid no attention to this and went ahead and voted for Hillary.

    It would still be a good idea to have Primaries on the same day. I see no advantage for any side when it confuses the voters. Florida voters can’t seen to get it together even in the November election. Felons cannot vote but the felons themselves feel disenfranchised. There is not enough information given to the Florida voters. I’m a big fan of the 10th Amendment and it works if the citizens realize that each state has its own rules about voting.

    Sherry, Florida screwed up in 2000 and again in 2004. Ignorance is no excuse when it goes on year after year.

  12. uh, Blame the Florida legislature. The GOP is just as angry about the early primary as the dems.
    Really, before all this paranoia gets to you, consider a little research.

  13. Seems to me last night was no surprise at all. The BIG question is: Who were the people guilty of trying to steal an election by moving the Florida and Michigan primaries in the first place? and b.) Are they going to get away with it?

    We’ve already seen the last two Presidential elections stolen, now it seems the slimeballs (whoever they are, I have my theories, of course) have moved up their timetable to the primaries.

  14. The Democratic party abandoned the state in 1988 to the Bushes. They don’t spend any time here except when they want money. The precints and counties have no support from the National Committee who see TX as a red state even though there are more Dem voters overall than GOP.

    So true and they made a mess of TX as well as the world. In the state the redistricted the whole state to favor the Rep. Good hair (Perry) our governor got in after Bush and saw to it and it was down hill all the way. The dems. fought it but in the end Good Hair won out. This was on the state level to redistrict all of TX and make it a true Red state. People were suckered there also.
    In out County you better be a dem. if you want to vote for any County office Rep.that run get no where very few have ever tried and it was sad at how few votes they got. Then in the general election you can vote for either party but not the primary election. Bush was the first time that I remember Rep. having TX it is time the dems. take it back where it is right for Rep. and dems alike and not one sided.
    When we hold the general election who wins the first is the Judge at my poll Rep. or Dem which this year it will be dem., but after saying that you will have a Dem Judge and there will be Rep. working in the same poll, and yes we all get along. As long as you hold a election the way you are suppose to there never has been a problem.

  15. It is no surprise that the was massive confusion on the Dem side in Texas last night.

    This was the first time people had something to turn out and vote for in a long time.

    The Democratic party abandoned the state in 1988 to the Bushes. They don’t spend any time here except when they want money. The precints and counties have no support from the National Committee who see TX as a red state even though there are more Dem voters overall than GOP.

    Without national party support, there will not be the organization needed to get these people to vote.

    Last night was a perfect example. There were more GOP voters that voted in the Dem primary than there were Dem voters who voted.

  16. Oh we have voted before but last night was crazy.
    1. They is a place on the ballot with Precinct chair and if one is already elected you vote on them.
    2. Then after the election the Precinct chairman hold a Dem. Convention after the elections. They get delegates there to go to the TX Convention. It is a Convention the packets say for the Precinct Chairman for the Precinct Convention.
    Buttttttttttttttttttttt if you don’t vote for one and they have no place to vote for one??????????? Never has the word Caucus been a part of any election I have ever held. We go to a school every year just to refresh the rules, sorta of do and don’t’s real strict. But our news is screwed in the head if they think we have ever had a Caucus.
    I getting a little more that tired of the news telling me crap and not getting it straight. It is not voting twice it is the Precinct Chairman holding a dem. Convention to get delegates to go to the dem. Covention in TX. NO Caucus period.
    You can go to jail if you don’t hold the election right. That is why you go to a school every year.
    The question is now they are using machines to count and there was always before just like Judge etc. Precinct Chairman and if one had already won it you voted but you could write another one in then counted the votes. That was not there period.
    The news had everyone believing this was a big thing and everyone got to vote twice. It is all so unreal.
    One thing I do remember is that the Precinct Chairman holds a Precinct Chairman Dem. Convention at the polling place when you have one and the Judge of the polls hands them a packet they have to fill out.
    The stroke may have done a lot to my memory but that I know. No one on the news have said it right. Heck it says it right on the packet. You as Judge are to see to it they get that packet.


  17. Very interesting Ann. My home state is California and I was a Precinct chair several times. I never recall ever being on a ballot. But each state has its own set of rules. I hope you get some answers here but few probably know the system. In my dealings with Texas voters on line, I often feel they never voted before 2000.

    Stay with us….

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