Hillary gets her confetti night

Hillary Rodham Clinton finally had a confetti night. The Democratic presidential hopeful claimed victory in the Ohio primary Tuesday night and said that means, “We’re going strong and we’re going all the way.”

Confetti rained down on her Ohio rally as she took the stage. She told the crowd her performance was a victory for everyone who’s been “counted out but refused to be knocked out.”

She and Barack Obama were in a tight race in Texas as she spoke, and her claim of Ohio victory had yet to be affirmed. Earlier, Clinton broke Obama’s winning streak by taking Rhode Island, after Obama was declared the winner in Vermont.

Despite the turn of fortune, Clinton’s still got an uphill fight to overcome Obama’s lead in delegates.


  1. Dogma

    Well, I hope she enjoyed her confetti. She should not be proud of her wins since they happened by attacking her opponent with fear tactics, smears, innuendos and lies … politics as usual. Good ole clintons again trying to win at all costs even if it means splitting the Dem party. I hope the remaining voters of America wake up and realize billary is not the answer in this year’s elections.