My Call Out to the LGBT Community

    This is where we stand. We have 4 candidates running (well really three but who counts huckabee anyway), John McCain is a conservative so of course as a gay male with a little common sense it should even be a factor for our community to vote for him. Then we get down to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. My problem is, while I think that both of these individuals have an amazing background and would be great for the presidential office I have one problem. I stand on what I like to call a prioritzed scale on who i vote for. The most important is a reasonable exit to this criminal war we are in. The second is homeland security and restoring relationships to foreign countries. The third is equal rights for all regardless of race, sex, or sexual orientation. ALL americans deserve the right to be treated equally. We have pushed through amazing barriers in this country for blacks and women whom fought extremly hard to overcome obstacles preventing equality. I applaud and do not hold my struggle over yours because you deserve what you have won. You are all amazing people. While there is still profiling and lack of equality for those people I think that america is supposed to be a country of freedom. “Land of the Free and home of the brave”. Yet some people just aren’t deemed worthy of that right. I am a donating member of the Human Rights Campaign ( and I have marched in the gay pride parades, i have the equality sticker on my car, i denounce people who use ignorant terminology representing homosexuals, and i rally my friends to join with me. Yet there is a certain part of us who still remain dormant letting the sweeping generalizations take ahold and be passed down throught generations. We need to spark something to create change in America, we need to let these candidates hear our voice. So this is where I stand on our rights as I see it for 2009. We have two democrats who consistantly preach civil unions instead of marriage (unacceptable but a step toward progress). If we would speak out show how powerful we are we might be able to get our problems realized and make our voices heard. So this is my call to you stand up, get out, and make our voices heard.


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