In the NYT op ed today there is an excellent piece called:

What I’d Be Talking About if I Were Still Running

“The Op-Ed page asked those who have since left the race to describe one issue that is not getting as much attention as it would if they were still out on the trail talking about it. These are responses from eight of them. ”

I found this fascinating. Joe Biden of course showed his foreign experience by talking about Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Brownback talked about the family. His piece was reflective of the problems the American family faces today.

Senator Dodd’s piece focuses on the crumbling of America one bridge, road, and building at a time. This is a serious problem at a time when we are spending over $1 BILLION A DAY IN IRAQ.

Tommy Thompson’s piece is on the rising cost of health care. With his background, he should know.

Duncan Hunter’s piece addresses, in his own words, “the deterioration of our industrial base.”

Dennis J. Kucinich’s piece addresses the growing foreclosure crisis with realistic solutions.

And last but not least, Tom Tancredo talks about immigration. No surprise there. That’s why he ran….to talk about immigration.

Overall each of these men, now that they are out of the spotlight, write very eloquent reasonable pieces about serious challenges we face in our country’s future. And it occurs to me as I am reading all this that it really is too bad these men couldn’t work together to solve these problems.

I ask myself, Why? And the answer is loudly, POLITICS!

If you take the labels of Republican, Democrat, Liberal, and Conservative away, politics becomes a lot less polarizing and much more effective.

However if you take the polarization out of politics it makes it less entertaining for television.

We had a lot of different people here at CHB with a lot of perspectives and something of value to offer. I am willing to bet that if we eliminated the political labels we could find a lot of workable solutions ourselves.

But I myself am hesitant to present a valid plan to solve some of these problems because I have seen that people seem more willing to tear down and say what won’t work, than use an idea as the foundation of a solution that presents a win-win situation for all.

This is why I believe that people are flocking to Obama’s message. People recognize that we have real problems and they do not want to be locked into the relentless age old battle of politics that both McCain and Clinton present.

How lucky were our founding forefathers that they didn’t start out with these labels. You were either for the British monarchy or you were against the British monarchy. Sure there were a wide variety of opinions among these men as they came from a diversified background. However despite their differences, they believed in a greater cause which they defined in the Declaration of Independence.

It was these very differences that allowed them to create our great Republic. It was these very differences that allowed them to create the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Abraham Lincoln was perhaps the president that I admire most because he dared to fill his administration with all kinds of people and he went one step farther…he dared to listen to them.

He dared to stand up for what was right with the Emancipation Act. He dared to keep the Republic together resulting in the greatest loss of lives on American soil during the Civil War. He dared to reconcile two opposing sides and reconcile an economically stretched and socially challenged country, to come together and heal as one.
He dared to believe that we could be a better people despite our differences.

While reading these pieces I thought WHY can’t these guys come together to do good for our country? They pretend to care about it in their bid for the presidency. Many of them had a lot to contribute to the overall dialogue of the issues we address. And AGAIN the answer comes back with a LOUDER resolve — POLITICS.

I dared to dream of locking all these guys up in a room and saying you can’t come out until you have all agreed on a plan to take back our country but then I remembered that’s what the Congress is suppose to do and again that word echo’s loudly in the background — POLITICS.

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