Ever wonder why Obama has done so well in Gulf Coast Red States?

It is because the Katrinites are coming out of the woodwork to vote in droves.

If have never seen anything like it in my state in over 50 years studying politics.

People forget that this is the first election since Katrina. It will be 3 years, this year since Katrina hit New Orleans and there are still a TON of problems.

Audit: Some Corps’ flood fixes preceded plans

There are a lot of people who are still displaced from their homes in New Orleans. There are an awful lot of UNFULLFILLED AND BROKEN promises by BOTH GW AND THE GOP to these people. Remember 2005 and 2006, the Govt was CONTROLLED BY THE BUSHIES IN BOTH HOUSES!

There are a lot of upset people just chomping at the bit to vote. And voting they are! The lines are terribly long all over the place filled with Katrinites.