We won in Iraq, now it’s time to come home

    The Senate is getting ready to debate Iraq again. Head “spend and stealer” Mitch McConnell has decided to allow debate on this bill. It’s something of a political manuver but that’s OK because it gives us a chance to talk about Iraq ….again!

    The thing is we WON in Iraq. And in the past once we have accomplished our objectives, we have brought our troops home.

    Now GW is not going to do this as long as he is in office. So it falls on the Congress and those who continue to keep our troops in harms’ way.

    Why do I say we won in Iraq? Because we have accomplished EVERYTHING we set out to do. EVERYTHING!

    Over 60% of the American people want our troops home by Christmas 2008.

    But the “spend and steal” Republicans led by GW and now John McCain have made it clear that is not going to happen under their watch.

    This one issue is singly enough reason NOT TO VOTE for John McCain. And his continued support for our presence in Iraq shows that he has also drank the Bushie Koolaid and does not have the backbone to stand up for what is right for America AND American troops.

    He has not been a leader these past years. He has been a Bushie Ass Kisser! He has cowtowed to the Crazy righters to accomplish his goal of winning the nomination. He is even condoning torture which I was under the impression he was against.

    Apparently he is only against it being used on POWS.

    Bush has declared this so-called “War on Terrorism” which he uses TODAY as the most convenient excuse to stay in Iraq. This is another one of those UNWINABLE lame Wars. It cannot be won. There will always be extremists in this world who will believe it is ok to incite terror! ALWAYS! You cannot eliminate that unless you create a world much like George Orwell wrote about.

    9/11 was avoidable. And the idea that we have to spend all this money on stuff that will no more prevent the next inicident than locking your car will keep an intruder out that really wants your stuff in your car IS LUDICROUS!

    And giving up our rights, our privacy, our constitution all so the government can keep us safe is like turning over the asylum to the lunatics.

    I don’t want gov’t to keep me safe or protect me. I don’t need another parent telling me what do to or how to live my life or raise my family or run my business.

    I raised 2 children without welfare, child support or health insurance. I don’t need or want or BELIEVE IN Big Bureaucratic govt.

    Govt can be good when it is doing what it is suppose to according to the constitution. But today, it has become a parent, a BIG BROTHER, who thinks it knows better than I do, what is good and right for me. I think NOT!

    THIS IS WRONG AND MUST BE STOPPED! It is no longer enough to say “support our troops!” We must act to save our troops and in so doing we will save our military, our country and perhaps ourselves in the process.

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