The Dems are missing a solid chance to pin the Republicans with a moniker far more telling than the “tax and spend” label that the other party delights in sticking onto the Republicans.

The Dems should make it an unofficial part of the campaign plank to refer to the Republicans as “steal and spend Republicans.”

Why? Because that’s exactly what they have done for seven years. Dubya inherited a budget with a pretty healthy surplus which could have been used to pay off some of our outrageous debt load. It took them just a hot minute to pass tas cuts for the wealthy and begin a spending program that resulted in deficits so large they cannot be grasped by the minds of mere mortals. How much is a trillion dollars? I remember when I had trouble contemplating a million bucks. Now my house is worth a quarter of that but I certainly don’t feel richer. That’s because I and my children and my grandchildren owe an unimaginably large debt for the borrowings of the current administration.

It’s bad enough that we have borrowed on our own accounts, but we have borrowed from our children and grandchildren without even asking permission. In real terms, that’s not borrowing, it’s stealing, and we need to label the people who did it as thieves.

Spread the word to all the Democratic candidates — pin this label on the Republicans and let’s throw them out of office in November. All of them. You can label me as a tax and spend person if you desire, but that’s because I want to pay my own way and I want the rest of the electorate to feel the same way. Stop stealing from our children!

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