What? Am I the Only One Traveling???

    CNN recently reported a story, also reported in the Washington Post (who cares if the chicken or the egg came first???) that US Customs is now randomly searching the computers of people (US Citizens are included) who are leaving and entering the USA.
    Look here:

    Suit: Airport searches of laptops, other devices intrusive – CNN.com*

    As a person who leaves and enters the USA relatively frequently, I find this more than intrusive and although I have nothing to hide, I do not care to share my personal correspondence or private information with anyone, no less some strangers at US Customs who might try to steal personal records like bank accounts, brokerage records, or private conversations. The last time I read the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, we citizens were protected against illegal searches and seizures–i.e. those conducted without a search warrant.

    I know Cheney and Bush are constantly trying to take this protection away from us, but it was my impression that they hadn’t yet succeeded. The fact that our congressional representatives have not objected simply makes me want to oust all of them from office, and if it takes returning from Asia to vote in November, I’ll do that. My vote is very precious to me, and I continue to believe that one voice can make a difference. I have found many ‘kindred’ voices here on CHB, and I know that I am not alone. Sadly, when I sent the CNN story link to over 25 friends, only one responded.

    Apathy will be the downfall of America. Continued pressure on our youth to go to a good college, get a good job, step up the corporate ladder, succeed in business, etc. etc. etc. does nothing to help them to become socially conscious, and it certainly does not promulgate free thinking and marching to the music of one’s own drummer. If we do not stimulate our young people to take part in the protection of their freedoms, we are doomed. We will eventually live in the society predicted in Orwell’s 1984. I don’t find this acceptable any more than I am willing to accept the violation of my privacies by US Customs officials.

    I don’t care if Customs wants to inspect my bags, if they want to give me a complete body search, and make me take off, open up, show, or reveal anything physical. I have nothing to hide and am a law abiding citizen. I advocate the overthrow of the present government by voting, by expressing our opinions in the polls held in November. I do not advocate violence. Ghandi had nothing on me. I am a peaceful person.

    So Mr Customs Inspector, check my asshole but leave my computer alone. THAT is none of your business.

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