Police booking photo of Jody Onorato.
Police booking photo of Jody Onorato.

Jody Onorato, an employee of the Ocala, FL, school system decided she needed some excitement in her life, so she was arrested and put in jail for sending naked pictures of herself to two students.

Now out on $10,000 bond, Onarato will soon be looking for work as a result of her extra-curricular activities.

Police say she nude photos of herself via text messages to two 17-year-old male students.  Now she is charged with sending “harmful” material to minors.

The school system won’t say what Onarato did for the school system.  She is not a teacher but listed only as an “employee” at Vanguard High School.

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  1. Those poor, poor boys. Now their lives are ruined.

    Well, at least to the extent of their “innocence” that was still left after seeing 100,000 naked pictures on the internet already!

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