I keep hearing that the “surge” is working. So let’s talk about what is really happening POLITICALLY in Iraq that has brought us where we are today.

Contrary to what many people believe, not everyone in Iraq is oblivious as to what is going on in America as well as across the world in attitudes towards Iraq.

There is a prominent Shiite leader of the Shiite Militia called Al Sadr. Al Sadr and his forces was once a targeted enemy of America in Fallujah in the early part of Bush’s invasion.

Al Sadr succeeded in holding out against American forces in Fallujah and ended up being a prominent political figure in Shiite Iraq as a result.

Al Sadr wants American troops out because he wants to be leader of Iraq. In order to do that American presence needs to leave Iraq so that Al Sadr’s legitimate militia can take the place of American troops.

Al Sadr knows that as long as there is violence in Iraq, American forces can be justified in their continuing presence in their country. If there is no constant sectarian violence, Al Sadr’s hope was that there would be enough American pressure to bring home the troops. What he underestimated was GW’s immovable stance aided and abetted by Congress.

Now he finds himself at a crossroads. He knows in a matter of months there will be a new president. He has a Catch 22 situation. If the violence once again increases, then American presence is justified. However, if the violence decreases, American presence is once again justified.

The truth is there is no justification for our continued presence in Iraq other than GW’s willful stubborness. Our troops have done everything they have been asked to do. Every bench mark GW has set has come and gone. Now it’s down to a bunch of lame excuses and empty rhetoric.

The problem is one of our potentiall future candidates is embracing and perpetuating GW’s failed policies. He does this because it will make him look strong in the eyes of those few who still support our continued presence in that area of the world.

The problem is that all politicking is playing with American lives and costing us precious resources in lives and money and diverting our attention once again from the real threat which lies along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border.

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