The other night I was watching Bill Maher and this GOP congressman from Georgia was among the conservative panel Bill had on.

I could hardly believe the words that came out of this “allegedly” intelligent man.

Among other falsehoods that he came out of his mouth was the allegation that “global warming doesn’t exist” and further “perpetuation of a known internet hoax against Obama as truth.”

I literally had to close my mouth to keep the flies out.

In the late 1940’s, an author named George Orwell wrote and published a story called 1984. It was about BIG GOVT which Orwell deplored. It talked about how govt rewrote history, science, even the dictionary when they didn’t like the words.

I have to keep asking myself when did we arrive in Orwell’s world?

In the story, 1984, BIG BROTHER gov’t slogans were:

It seems GW, his administration, his supporters both politically and financially have adopted at least the first slogan. And it appears their next candidate plans to adopt it as well. THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS.

But from the rhetoric that they espouse it appears they are on the very path that Orwell described in his story.

In the 60’s when they tried to sell us this rhetoric, we stood up and called them on it. Not today. There seem to be a large segment of the American public that just blindly, ignorantly and sadly buy into it.

We must stand up to it today, they way we have in the past.

At the dawn of our country, it was not politically expedient to stand up against King George. There were many Americans who believed that the British monarchy could be reasoned and negotiated with.

Our forefathers, who wrote the Declaration of Independence, put their lives, their wealth and their prominence on the line when they dared to step out and call King George on his abuses of power. If not for these men, we might still be a british colony.

I have read on these pages at CHB many regrets about the past 8 years by people of all political persuasion. There can no longer be regrets. There must be action. Action if only to keep the truth in the forefront of the American sheep’s consciousness.

Action to stand up and say….WAR IS NOT PEACE, FREEDOM IS NOT SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS NOT STRENGTH. It is not enough to shrug our shoulders and wonder what is going on and do nothing. There were plenty of people like that in Germany in the 1920’s & 1930’s. There were plenty of people like that when USSR rolled into Europe.

If we want our country back, we must take it back with the truth. It is not acceptable for our leaders to lie for ANY REASON. This is not BIZZARO world….yet!

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