Obama’s speech against gun violence doesn’t stop shooting of attendee’s sister

Janay McFarlane
Janay McFarlane

President Barack Obama returned to his Chicago home last last week to speak about the growing problem of gun violence in the city.

A short time later, the sister of a teenager who sat behind the President during his speech was gunned down while walking in a suburb near her father’s home miles away from the school in the Hyde Park section of Chicago’s South Side.

“I’m Lake County to get away from violence and now it happened in Lake County where I moved to,” Herbert McFarlane, father of 18-year-0ld Janay McFarlane, told WLS in Chicago.

McFarlane died in the shooting just hours after Obama spoke at the Hyde Park high school and her 14-year-0ld sister, Destini Warren sat behind the president during the speech.

“Too many of our children are being take away from us,” Obama said during the speech.  It wasn’t the first time that violence in the Chicago area has followed one of his events.   In January, Hadiya Pendleton, 15, performed in the President’s inauguration and died in a street shooting in Chicago shortly afterwards.

“Last year there were 443 murders with a firearm on the streets of this city, and 65 of those victims were 18 and under,” Obama said in his speech.

Jonathan Arden, who attended the speech, said the shooting of young McFarlane shows that just talking about the need to deal with the problem of growing violence isn’t enough.

“There’s a time for talk and a time for action,” Adren told Capitol Hill Blue Monday. “It’s time to shut up and take action.


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  1. “Jonathan Arden, who attended the speech, said the shooting of young McFarlane shows that just talking about the need to deal with the problem of growing violence isn’t enough.”

    I am sure the only problem was that the shooter didn’t get a chance to hear Obama’s speech.

  2. But Chicago is a gun free city! How could this happen? Gun free zones are like totally safe!

    In all seriousness, it is really sad these young people have died and for what, who really knows?

    But it’s also hard to take Obama seriously when he is gunning down 16-year old boys with his illegal assassi-drone program. Judge, jury and executioner, seems like a dictator to me.

    It is estimated some 10% of those on death row may actually be innocent.

    Over 75% of the people detained in GITMO, the ones President Junior said were the worst of the worst terrorists because they just knew it, ended up being innocent.

    How many people has Obama killed because he just knew they were bad terrorists, were actually innocent?

    History indicates over 75%. That is why these things are illegal!

    • And Officer Chris Dorner took up arms against what he thought was an unfair and oppressive government. See how well that worked out?


      • I’m not seeing the correlation between my sarcastic statements against “gun free zones” and the hypocrisy of a President that claims to care about kids and keeping them from harm while authorizing the killing of children via drones, and the killing rampage and personal vendettas of Mr. Dorner as you have pointed out. Would you care to connect the dots for me?

  3. Yeah. Take action. Evacuate Obama and Emanuel’s Chicago. What a pair of Incompetents. Can get elected but little else.

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