Experience for POTUS?

Why keep asking if anyone is equipped to be President of the U.S.A.? Our Constitution lays it all out from who is legally qualified; we know what is necessary. Nobody ever threw in their hat who didn’t have a history of integrity or dishonesty somewhere in their past. This is the only problem that needs to be discovered.

The last dozen or so Presidents broke the rules laid down by George Washington when he warned about getting involved in foreign nations. We ignored his warnings and it has been our downfall for too many years. Even Ike warned us of the Military Industrial Complex Industry and that too was ignored.

Past experience of our candidates has been a blueprint for continuing to destroy our American values. We continue to arm nations who eventually become our enemies and we repeat this on the whim of some very experienced White House.

Democrats are working for Hillary Clinton because she knows all the tricks of the trade and her problem is that she knows all the tricks of the trade and the movement is now heading for Barak Obama. It is the same with the Republicans, as the RNC will promote only a candidate who knows how to manage the Congress and Lobbyists.

This system is a never-ending destruction of our U.S. Constitution and a redesign of the U.S. Supreme Court. Imagine bringing in an untainted citizen who knows the Constitution inside and out. If we don’t start over now we may never get another chance at restoring our National Freedoms.

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