It is so very obvious CHB has become nothing more than a Obama propaganda tool worse than the mainstream political mafia. The mainstream are not hypocrites, you know the garbage they spout is propaganda. CHB pretends they are different. So you don’t really know they are a snake when you put them in your pocket.

The choice and direction this once great political whistle-blowing website once was, is nothing more than diarrhea from cob-webbed prejudiced minds. They have either tied and gagged Doug Thompson, or have drugged this great warrior of political injustice.

Making this once great website into the spittle of worthless ejaculation jerked into the sink of the political toilet.

I fully expect this blog to be banned. Myself as well. I will bet Doug would say I have the right to speak my mind. He is that kinda guy. He doesn’t control this site any more.

But I will still say, “Obama; show me the baby, quit talking about the labor”!

Talk is cheap. Tell me, without bullcrap about a speech about “I was right about Iraq” (easy to be a armchair quarterback) and “I Hate Hillary” and this complete Bull Crap about change.

I am tired of:

Creeps who speculate why Hillary stayed with Bill. Get a life. Then analyze your own Soap Opera. Then get a life.

Jesus told me to vote Obama. That scares me. REALLY.

Poor Obama is crucified because he won’t wear a freaking pin. Not even the major guys printed that dumb article.

Obama says “We” and Hillary says “I”. How stupid can you get.


Obama as a young lawyer was involved in bilking millions from Hawaii under the “Apology Resolution”. He helped take thousands of precious fertile land in Hawaii and make condos and a golf course. He built his political career with these low-life people.

He lives in a 3.4M house in Illinois on a deal done with a guy under trial for the Rico-Act mafia stuff. How much does a Jr. Senator make, for God’s sake?

His wife was making 89k/yr until he started his bid for President. She makes almost 1 MILLION NOW!

CHB knows this. They are not dumb. Why are they backing this small time white-collar criminal to be President?

The public are innocent and dumb. CHB, you are not.

No Obama B.S. change crap.

No Hate Hillary crap.

No I guessed against Iraq as a armchair quarterback.

Don’t tell me about the labor, show me the baby.


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