Last night on Larry King, Jon Stewart was his guest. They flipped around the Oscar Awards and then got down to politics, but Stewart made a very astute observation about our political parties. The new mind-set of American politics is a necessity to be in lock step with who ever is leading the party. Conservatives have new strict rules that the social issues (abortions, same sex marriages and death with dignity) must not be debated but simply legislated against, through the Constitution. This follows no more taxes and a continuing assault on nations who are not Democracies.

I’m not sure exactly what the Liberals want as they are ambiguous on how to redistribute the American wealth. Not even the Democratic Party wants to stop the war in Iraq; only one candidate has said from the beginning that the war is wrong and must be stopped; and he is leading the pack.

This lock-step mind-set found in the GOP is so fierce that it has divided the Party losing any chance at winning any election. One forum celebrated the death of Congressman Tom Lantos when he died of cancer and they called him horrible and insulting names. They are Rush followers and may be the most un-American forum on the internet; but there are others, just as bad. McCain does not walk lock-step with these horrible people and they have tried to do harm to his campaign. Naturally they were Romney and Huckabee supporters.

I put Hillary Clinton in a lock-step attitude that all is fair in love and political war. We are not talking about Right versus Left but two rotten political parties out to kill the other. I think this pretty much describes the situation very well.

Stewart mentioned that neither Clinton nor McCain stayedi the lock step and this is why they are ahead! These are my words of what Stewart said and, of course, they make perfect sense to me.


  1. Wow, someone else on here that sees the forest. The media feeds the frenzy and ignites both camps. False arguments, falser solutions, and endless conflict rule the day.

    But behold…out from the shadows and into the light…a lone voice in this sea of madness and corruption…a pure and innocent lamb besieged by the right…the great uniter with two years of unnoteworthy work in Congress and one helluva speech writer…our last chance for salvation…the great off-white hope…a modern-day Robin Hood…the Pied Piper of the persecuted…

    Sorry, I have to stop. My knees grow weak and my blood pulses in my veins. I might even feel a tingle going up my leg. I may indeed faint. Baaaarrrrrraaaaaakkkkkkk!

    What a joke.

  2. I think Sandra’s original post highlights what is fundamentally wrong with the two-party system. US vs. THEM, lockstep binary thinking, call it what you will, the two party system by it’s very nature encourages bitter resentment, name calling and purely fabricated battles. Even at times like now, when the two parties are almost indistinguishable. Hillary could have easily been a member of Bush’s cabinet, ideologically at least. Pelosi ain’t much better… on and on.

    “Dick Cheney in a pants suit.” (Author Unknown)

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