I can’t help it.

While it’s true that Obama is far from the anointed grand pooh-bah just yet, I think that if he wins even half of the races remaining to run, he will be well and away to his first Presidential race.

The fact that the man’s politics, as well as those of the party that he’s a member of, represent nothing good in my mind what so ever aside, I can’t help it.

Every time that I see another headline, or read another article about how the country is basically rejecting the notion of another era of the Clintonistas and their tripe (err..or is that troupe?) in the white house…I can’t help it.

I keep hearing a song from the wizard of Oz. You know the one…”Ding dong, the witch is dead, etc…”

Now if the country will just wake up and vote for as many independent candidates as possible…but alas I wax wistful…


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