Could dropping names for VP help?

    If you were a candidate losing momentum and looking for ways to get a boost, wouldn’t it be an interesting twist to start dropping some possible names you would consider for VP?

    I realize people have discussed Clinton and Obama on the same ticket. I don’t think that is feasible, so if I was Hillary and I wanted to pull some voters from past candidates would I drop their names as possible VP’s to get their voter’s support?

    Who do you see as possible VP candidates? On both sides? and why?

    Personally, I see General Wesley Clark on both Democratic candidate’s list as he is from the south and he has military and economic background and experience. He is currently supporting Hillary but since Barak has pledged to have an administration with supporters of all kinds, this would be a way to bring on Clinton’s supporters.

    Bill Richardson is another one out there that is definitely in the running, especially if Hillary wins the nomination. You don’t think Bill watched the Super bowl with Bill for no reason, did you?

    The problem with Richardson on an Obama ticket is then we have 2 men neither which is caucasian and that could and probably would present a problem in November. No Obama would do better with Joe Biden as his VP nominee as Biden has definite and compatible ideas with Obama on plans for Iraq. The problem there is you have 2 men from basically the same part of the country.

    I have heard rumors about Condi being on McCain’s ticket but I don’t believe it. I don’t see any Bushies having any place in McCain’s campaign or administration. They just don’t like each other no matter how much publicly they pretend to support each other. It’s all a show for the blind.

    Someone mentioned Lindsay Graham and think that is entirely possible. They have been comrades in the Senate and the party for years. Anyone else with ideas?

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