THIS THREAD IS NOT ABOUT UNIVERSAL HEALTH INSURANCE SO PLEASE DON’T START THAT HERE!!!!! This thread is about being healthy and taking responsibility for yourselves.

Scientists Agree: Obesity Causes Cancer

I recently had a discussion with someone here who glossed over the fact that obesity is now the leading factor in causing cancer. In fact they have proven that obesity actually increases the likelihood of 12 different types of cancer.

It should also be noted that obesity rates have skyrocketed since the 90’s when HMO’s and PPO’s arrived on the scene of our health care market.

People with health insurance seem to think that having health insurance gives them the right to stuff their bodies with whatever they want whether it is healthy or not.

Obesity not only is a major contributing factor to cancer but also diabetes, heart disease, strokes. It has now surpassed smoking as the leading cause of death.

If we as a country are really concerned about the costs of health care perhaps those with health insurance should start taking responsibility for themselves instead of using health insurance as an excuse to eat whatever they want. After all they have health insurance so it doesn’t matter how big they get.

I constantly hear people say that the uninsured should take responsibility for themselves. The problem is that most of the people doing the talking, are talking with a mouth full of food, while being 25-30 pounds overweight. But it’s ok, because they have health insurance. So if they have cancer, or heart attack or stroke, it will be covered no matter how much it costs.

It use to be survival of the fittest. The fat animals didn’t survive as long because they could not run as fast and therefore fall prey to other animals. If health insurance denied benefits to obese people as a pre-existing condition, I am willing to bet our country would get skinny really quickly.

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