If Hillary Clinton continues her negative campaign strategy she will compound her own biggest negative among many voters. Many Democrats, even her supporters, consider her to be an egotistical, though capable, hardened political animal who believes she is entitled to be the next president. She recited her latest stump speech lines through a forced smile in Ohio last night after Obama trounced her in Wisconsin. A dozen words congratulating Obama would have been, if nothing more, simple courtesy.

What does Isacc Newton have to do with this?

Newton’s third law (the law of reciprocal actions), rephrased and adapted to apply to the candidates would read whenever Hillary Clinton exerts a negative force on Barak Obama, he simultaneously exerts a force on her with the same magnitude in the positive direction.

"This law is often simplified into the sentence "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction". (Wikipedia)

Of course in a physical fight this may mean a boxer reeling under a blow with equal and opposite force, and then counter-punching just as hard.

If Obama resists the temptation to respond in like kind he can react by ignoring the attack. This is passive resistance, a powerful force in itself. He will demonstrate class, and in contrast Clinton will look strident and ungracious.

He can also respond with the utmost courtesy and answer with "I beg to differ with Hillary" or "I regret Senator Clinton feels this way" or a similar phrase.

If and when it makes sense he should point out how and why what she said is wrong; but my recommendation is that the less he says in response to attacks with no real substance the better.

For example, there’s no effective way to respond to her when she attacks him by saying that she’ll be ready on day one to be president and by implication saying that he won’t.

Obama’s weakness against both Clinton and McCain is his lack of the usual political experience we’ve come to expect of our presidential candidates.

Perhaps someone removed from his campaign might remind the public that one of our greatest presidents was Abraham Lincoln, whose only elected office was as a U.S. representative for one term.

As a lawyer, Obama has him beat hands down, since Lincoln as a lawyer primarily represented the railroads.

Obama’s life experience is a strong point showing his depth of character and a wisdom beyond his years, but it hasn’t resonated with the public. He has been demonstrating that he’s ready to be president through his words, and it is by his words that voters will judge him.

The pollsters are saying that Clinton’s core supporters are now women over the age of 50 or 60.

Women who grew up in the 1950s, 1940s and before probably care more about common courtesy than any other group

If she comes across as ill-mannered to this group she does so at her peril.


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