Oh Dear, More stuff on 9/11 coming soon!

The European Parliament is now being given more information on 9/11 and wants a new investigation. We need the subpoena power over and above the White House. The contradictions in the Commission Report need to be addressed right down to the Philip Zelikow, the director who has had a lot of contact with Karl Rove. I’m on this and will bring updates.


  1. Sandra Price

    No, I wasn’t. We have a Radio Station in Phoenix who has been working for Ron Paul since the beginning. With Paul retiring back to Texas our host had Rev. Griffith who has done some background investigation on 9/11. I have his books and was interested in his update this morning.

    He spoke on the close association that Philip Zelikow has had with Karl Rove and if you have read the commission report you will see he headed it up. A lot more information is surfacing and even more has been hidden from the investigation. Bush has never cooperated with the investigation and it is starting to get the attention of the European Parliament.

    Are you at all interested in this subject or just that I blogged it? Flapsaddle, I am not interesting in your comments as you have never been honest or trustworthy. Go home.

  2. Flapsaddle

    You have answered my question. However, this is a public forum and I believe I am within my rights to ask a question of any post made by anyone.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle